Planter Boxes and Community Gardens



masterCommunity planter boxes

Community planter boxes are raised garden beds in public places filled with edible veggies and herbs, where the produce is available to any passers-by who want it. The boxes are set up by community organisations such as Local Food Connect in the hope that the community will embrace them – helping to maintain them as well as taking advantage of their produce.

Community gardens

Community gardens are not-for profit enterprises where the primary function is the production of food for a community of people. The garden can take a variety of forms. In North East Melbourne, some are membership-based, some are allotments and some are freely available to the public. The ones in libraries are often freely available to the public (e.g. Greensborough and Watsonia.

In 2014, Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) published a series of booklets of relevance to anyone thinking about setting up a community garden. An interesting article on the subject can also be found on the Australian Community Gardens Network website.

Locations in Banyule and Nillumbik

The map below covers Banyule and Nillumbik only. Some community gardens in other parts of North East Melbourne are listed on the following websites:

For most of the community gardens below, clicking on the name opens up a page with more detail about that garden. The blue markers are community gardens and the green markers are planter boxes.

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