Planter boxes at Eltham Railway Station


The produce from these planter boxes is freely available to any commuters or other members of public who pass by.

To discuss any aspect of the planter boxes, contact Guy by email or by phone (0416 203067).

There are 2 planter boxes on the railway platform, both of them wicking beds. They were established on 18th September 2017. They are the first project by the Incredible Edible Eltham community.

Incredible Edible Eltham featured in Metro Express, which is the Metro’s internal magazine.

Here’s the roll call of the people who helped out of the day: Alan, Andrew, Bev, Bruce, Charlie, Chris, Constance, Dana, David, David, Felicity, Glenn, Greg, Guy, Heath, Imogen, Jamie, Jane, Jeff, Jenny, Kate, Kilian, Mac, Martin, Maryrose, Natalie, Owen, Pam, Paul, Paul, Peter, Rachael, Susan and Vera.

Particular thanks are due to:

Here are some pictures of the wicking beds.


Here are some pictures from the day that the wicking beds were built:

Thanks to Chris, Dana, Felicity, Imogen, Susan and Vera for the photos.

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