Eucalypt Community Garden


This garden is membership-based ($20 pa for a single and $40 pa for family).

To discuss any aspect of the garden, contact Alicia Davenport (Secretary) by email or phone (0422 932978). Also, see their Facebook page.

Behind Bluestone Kitchen Cafe, 286a Epping Way, Wollert, 3750. Turn onto Pine Park Drive then first left turn off Pine Park Drive into Steadman Way.

Friends of Eucalypt Estate’s group of volunteers have established a community garden in a public space behind the Bluestone Kitchen Cafe amongst the historic bluestone farmhouse and outbuildings. The garden is a space for the community to participate in growing sustainable organic produce-related activities in a friendly, inter-generational, accessible environment.

The aim of the garden is to provide a multi-functional space which facilitates and promotes community connectedness through the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources, such that people can come together to learn, share, relax and make friends. It is hoped that, over time, it will provide a range of physical, social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits to the diverse community.

As of August 2017, the land has been cleared and raised garden beds with irrigation have been built. There are screens to grow climbers (e.g. tomatoes and beans), a compost bin, a slab for a shed, some benches and a sign. The next steps are to install a rainwater tank and a shed. They have been able to achieve all of this through an enormous community effort: they have the use of the land from one of their committee members; donation of a shed from Bunnings; donation of benches; donations of plants and seeds; and, most importantly, donation of time and labour.

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