Planter Boxes at Arthur Street, Eltham


To discuss any aspect of the planter boxes, contact Guy by email or by phone (0416 203067).

There are 4 planter boxes in the car park above the shops at 10-18 Arthur Street, Eltham (the location of Eltham Farmers’ Market). Each of these is a wicking bed.

Thanks to:

  • Anna, Bev, Evan, Glenn, John and Robyn for ongoing maintenance.
  • Andrew, David, David, Nathan, Penny, Richard and Susan for occasional maintenance.
  • Nathan Ezard for building the planter boxes.
  • Felicity Gordon for designing the stencils.
  • Apteds for donating the boxes.
  • The Green Centre for donating the soil.
  • Bulleen Art & Garden nursery for donating the initial seedlings.

Here are some pictures (which also show what the stencils look like):

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