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All the comments below are by different people – 143 people in total.

  1. I enjoy your newsletter” (LP, Eltham, January 2018)
  2. Thanks for putting together your wonderful newsletter!!!” (SW, Ivanhoe East, January 2018)
  3. Great information about events and learning opportunities.” (PM, Bellfield, January 2018)
  4. I do enjoy your newsletters.” (MG, Richmond, January 2018)
  5. Your newsletter is fantastic.” (ZdS, Mount Waverley, January 2018)
  6. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do supporting food initiatives in Melbourne through your newsletter. You do it with such generosity of spirit and so many of us benefit from your efforts and it is greatly appreciated.” (MO’C, Preston, December 2017)
  7. I reckon yours is the best local food connecting e-newsletter, if not the best e-newsletter fullstop!” (HE, The Basin, December 2017)
  8. Newsletter of the year? This one!” (FL, Montmorency, December 2017)
  9. Thanks, Guy, for the most wonderful newsletter!” (JB, Heidelberg, December 2017)
  10. I’m really enjoying reading the local food connect news – some amazing information in a vibrant and growing network.” (IC, Watsonia, December 2017)
  11. Once again, thank you Guy for all your hard efforts at putting together such interesting and informative reading.” (VB, Surrey Hills, December 2017)
  12. You do such a formidable and amazing job.” (KP, Macleod, December 2017)
  13. Thank you for your endless and very fruitful work with your newsletter. As always, it is very much appreciated.” (HH, Diamond Creek, December 2017)
  14. I really appreciate your newsletters. Thank you for all the great work you do.” (CM, Research, December 2017)
  15. Your newsletter is a great source of information.” (CN, Macleod, December 2017)
  16. Thank you for all you’re doing; you make Eltham a more interesting place.” (NC, Eltham, December 2017)
  17. Thanks for the wonderful newsletter.” (PV, Eltham, November 2017)
  18. You always have great info that I enjoy reading as well as amazing community activities. I love it. ” (AK, Ivanhoe, November 2017)
  19. I am amazed at what you find to put in the newsletter each week. Thank you.” (JC, Montmorency, November 2017)
  20. Thank you, Guy, for your wonderfully informative newsletter.” (BI, Research, November 2017)
  21. I appreciate your efforts in keeping us all connected in the community.” (JY, Viewbank, November 2017)
  22. I enjoy receiving the newsletters to keep in touch with what’s happening. Thanks for all your hard work!” (ZT, Eltham, November 2017)
  23. Your newsletter is, as always, great. ” (JV, Eltham, November 2017)
  24. I love your emails.” (LR, Eltham, November 2017)
  25. I love receiving the newsletters, Guy. Fabulous information. Keep up the great work. Thank you.” (GP, Research, November 2017)
  26. Great newsletter, Guy – as always.” (PG-B, Macleod, November 2017)
  27. OMG what a bonanza of events!!! Love it!!!” (KJ, South Gippsland, November 2017)
  28. Great newsletter!” (AC, Kinglake, October 2017)
  29. Your newsletter looks great!” (CD, Northcote, September 2017)
  30. Really impressed by your newsletter. Many promise such things, but few, very few, actually deliver. Well done.” (CM, Ballarat, September 2017)
  31. Thanks for producing such a good newsletter each week, it really is fantastic!” (KM, Yarrambat, September 2017)
  32. Great Wednesday reading as always!” (MB, Diamond Creek, September 2017)
  33. Thanks for your great work.” (MN, Heidelberg West, September 2017)
  34. Thank you for another great newsletter!” (TV, Pascoe Vale, August 2017)
  35. Your newsletter is great. I really enjoy having a read and its very informative.” (CD, Thornbury, August 2017)
  36. Thanks for the newsletter – always informative and great to see so much local ‘good stuff’ happening.” (EB, Hurstbridge, August 2017)
  37. Great work that you are doing to help spread the word about the important connection of food with local communities and the environment.” (JS, Warrandyte, August 2017)
  38. Thanks for the newsletter, you do a fabulous job.” (SR, Eltham, August 2017)
  39. I must thank you for your weekly newsletter. It is the highlight of my week. Reading and checking the sites – so much information. I really appreciate the work that goes into this newsletter.” (JD, Lower Templestowe, August 2017)
  40. How amazing you newsletter is, great and wonderful work.” (PC, Mount Dandenong, August 2017)
  41. Very interesting newsletter, great work, keep it up!” (JR, Eltham, July 2017)
  42. Thanks for another great newsletter Guy!” (CH, Abbotsford, July 2017)
  43. Your newsletters are awesome, such great things happening.” (JP, Eltham, July 2017)
  44. I love your newsletter! Thanks for all the tips and resources.” (NJ, Eltham, July 2017)
  45. Thanks, Guy. Your newsletter is great and I appreciate it.” (AR, Eltham, June 2017)
  46. Congratulations on your newsletter. It is enjoyable to read each week. So much content and useful information. Great job!” (DG, North Warrandyte, June 2017)
  47. The newsletter is absolutely fantastic with heaps of info on upcoming events and projects.” (FG, Watsonia, June 2017)
  48. Great work.” (HC, Watsonia, June 2017)
  49. I love your newsletter.” (MM, Northcote, June 2017)
  50. Guy, you do a excellent newsletter.” (IS, Viewbank, June 2017)
  51. Thanks for the newsletters, I’m really enjoying them!” (RL, Eltham, June 2017)
  52. The newsletter is so full of stuff it’s amazing.” (SMcG, Wunghnu, June 2017)
  53. I love your newsletter.” (LC, Reservoir, June 2017)
  54. I enjoy every newsletter!” (PL, Rosanna, June 2017)
  55. Love your newsletters, Guy!” (EB, Lower Templestowe, June 2017)
  56. What a great publication.” (LS-F, Wonga Park, June 2017)
  57. I really enjoy getting the newsletter.” (SB, Heathmont, May 2017)
  58. Your newsletter is a wealth of information. It’s amazing. Thank you.” (JM, Bentleigh, May 2017)
  59. I’m enjoying your newsletters very much.” (LH, Diamond Creek, May 2017)
  60. I’m really enjoying your newsletters. There’s clearly a lot of work goes into them and you should be proud of the high quality that you send out week after week.” (DC, Hawthorn East, May 2017)
  61. Thanks for all your work Guy – your newsletters are AMAZING!” (CL, Box Hill South, May 2017)
  62. Congratulations on another great edition!” (SS, Alexandra, April 2017)
  63. Thanks so much for your newsletters.” (DF, Greensborough, April 2017)
  64. Your newsletter is fabulous.” (YdP, Ivanhoe, April 2017)
  65. Thanks for the newsletter – lots of great information.” (MC, Eltham, April 2017)
  66. Nice work Guy!” (MD, Panton Hill, April 2017)
  67. I always love reading your newsletters.” (JH, Ringwood, April 2017)
  68. I love the LFC newsletter so much – thanks for all the effort you put into it.” (TG, Warrandyte South, April 2017)
  69. Thank you for all the work you do to spread the word about food and sustainability.” (AdF, Humevale, March 2017)
  70. I am loving these newsletters.” (JF, Eltham, March 2017)
  71. The newsletter is fantastic and inspirational. Thank you for all your sharing of knowledge and events! ” (GW, Eltham, March 2017)
  72. Your newsletter is awesome!” (CJ, Fitzroy North, March 2017)
  73. Great stuff, Guy.” (VH, Greensborough, March 2017)
  74. I love the content of the newsletters – keep up the great work!” (JD, Watsonia North, March 2017)
  75. It’s great stuff that you’re are doing.” (NP, Doncaster, February 2017)
  76. Great newsletters with lots of information and events. Much appreciated.” (EL, Box Hill, January 2017)
  77. I love your newsletter and appreciate the great effort put in to write it.” (LA, Macleod, January 2017)
  78. Although I’m not in your local area, I find the wealth of your information and knowledge a great help.” (RW, Kurunjang, January 2017)
  79. Thanks for the great info.” (BW, Bend of Islands, December 2016)
  80. Thanks for the ever-readable newsletter.” (JF, Montmorency, December 2016)
  81. Thank you for the newsletter – it has enhanced our business profile and provided extra opportunities to forge links within and beyond our community. It is also really interesting.” (JD, Surrey Hills, December 2016)
  82. You do a great job of keeping us informed.” (HB, Hurstbridge, December 2016)
  83. I always enjoy going through the newsletter every week. It’s a really informative and interesting wrap-around of what’s happening locally. I can only try to comprehend how much work there is for you in it.” (MC, Donvale, December 2016)
  84. A fabulous summation of the local activities, Guy!” (KB, Montmorency, December 2016)
  85. Thanks Guy – your newsletter is great as always! You make magic!” (DT, Bulleen, December 2016)
  86. Amazing!!!” (DW, Rosanna, November 2016)
  87. Amazing job, Guy!” (TT, Eltham, November 2016)
  88. I enjoy reading the newsletter. You do an excellent job!” (TC, Eltham, October 2016)
  89. I find the LFC Newsletter fantastic.” (PH, Yallambie, October 2016)
  90. Thanks for all the great info. You are doing a great job of keeping us all informed of events and other good articles.” (TM, Bulleen, October 2016)
  91. Well worth a browse, with lots of interesting events listed.” (BO, Balwyn, October 2016)
  92. I’ve really enjoyed the teachings in your newsletters.” (SD, Ringwood, October 2016)
  93. The newsletter is brilliant.” (BR, Eltham, October 2016)
  94. Thanks for all your hard work.” (AC, Eltham, October 2016)
  95. Your newsletter is wonderfully informative.” (JQ, Eltham, October 2016)
  96. I think you do a very good job with the newsletter. Keep up the good work.” (BM, Doreen, October 2016)
  97. Lots of great information again, Guy!” (RC, Eltham North, October 2016)
  98. Thank you for your weekly updates, they are fun to read.” (ML, Hurstbridge, October 2016)
  99. I look forward to reading the newsletter each week. Thank you for your work, Guy. Very informative, comprehensive and fun.” (DT, Research, September 2016)
  100. Guy does amazing work for the newsletter and website. I am very grateful to him for his time and expertise and just being there and being fun!” (MB, Macleod, September 2016)
  101. Love what you guys do 🙂” (AO’H, Forest Hill, September 2016)
  102. Your newsletter is excellent.” (MP, Eltham, September 2016)
  103. Thanks, Guy. I really love the newsletter, lots of great stuff happening in the area.” (KL, Eltham, August 2016)
  104. Great newsletter. So many events to attend and learn from. It continues to be a feast of information. Thanks so much.” (CW, Warrandyte, August 2016)
  105. Guy’s qualities are evident in the fabulously generous, organised, warm and efficient newsletter.” (VS, Eltham, August 2016)
  106. The newsletter looks great.” (BS, Alphington, August 2016)
  107. I love receiving the newsletter – keep it coming.” (MS, Whittlesea, August 2016)
  108. Just wanted to say thank you for such an interesting and informative newsletter each and every week. It must take a significant amount of time each week and I admire your commitment and attention to detail.” (WM, St Andrews, July 2016)
  109. Your weekly e-newsletter is fantastic and I look forward to each Wednesday to read and find out what’s happening in the area.” (YA, Yallambie, July 2016)
  110. I just wanted to say your newsletter is AMAZING. Fantastic work – I know how much work must go into it.” (AB, Ballarat, June 2016)
  111. Thanks for the weekly LFC newsletters, they’re fantastic and definitely bring together some lovely people!” (LK, Warrandyte, June 2016)
  112. Your newsletter is excellent.” (RG-B, Macleod, May 2016)
  113. This week’s newsletter is another great read. Thanks again for your hard work.” (MC, Mernda, May 2016)
  114. I think your newsletter is fantastic.” (PC, Fitzroy, May 2016)
  115. Thanks for all your time and effort producing this newsletter each week, it’s always packed with great foodie and lifestyle info/events.” (CA, Eltham, May 2016)
  116. Just to let you know how much your newsletter is appreciated and of value to our environment and communities.” (FB, Eltham, April 2016)
  117. As always, a wonderfully informative newsletter! Your newsletter is absolutely awesome. If someone loves food, gardening or community, they will never be disappointed with the newsletter.” (LF, Hurstbridge, April 2016)
  118. You are making a great contribution to the local area with the newsletter.” (BP, Eltham, April 2016)
  119. I am an avid subscriber of your LFC News, and am always impressed by the diversity and richness of local food events happening in your area, and the engaging and fun way that you promote those events via LFC News.” (LT, Preston, April 2016)
  120. I love the way that relevant courses are included in the newsletter.” (SL, Park Orchards, March 2016)
  121. I love getting the LFC news each week.” (LC, Heathcote, March 2016)
  122. Thanks very much for your wonderful newsletter.” (SM, Montmorency, March 2016)
  123. You guys do a great job!” (BB, Croydon, February 2016)
  124. I love your regular and informative newsletters.” (RG, Eltham North, February 2016)
  125. Thanks for the updates, I really enjoy the read.” (LA, Doncaster East, February 2016)
  126. It’s a great newsletter.” (BK, Tasmania, February 2016)
  127. I love your newsletter.” (EH, North Fitzroy, January 2016)
  128. Thank you for keeping our tables green and delicious. I look forward to your informative newsletters again in 2016.” (RP, Rosanna, December 2015)
  129. I have really enjoyed getting the newsletter this year. Thanks for your hard work.” (KO, Eltham, December 2015)
  130. Thanks for the (as usual) wonderful newsletter!” (RH, Eltham North, November 2015)
  131. I just want to congratulate you once again for such an amazing newsletter. Your dedication is fantastic.” (AK, Diamond Creek, October 2015)
  132. Your newsletter is good, enjoyable to read and useful.” (RA, Eltham North, October 2015)
  133. Thanks for a great newsletter! It just keeps getting better and better.” (DB, Wattle Glen, October 2015)
  134. I’ve been subscribing to the newsletter for ages and wanted to say how great it is.” (KG, Montmorency, October 2015)
  135. The newsletter looks great.” (JK, Wonga Park, October 2015)
  136. Ace LFC news. Thanks, Guy.” (YC, Heidelberg West, August 2015)
  137. Thanks for the latest informative newsletter.” (BW, Arthurs Creek, August 2015)
  138. I wanted to say what a great job you do.” (FS, Eltham, August 2015)
  139. What a great newsletter.” (LH, Mernda, June 2015)
  140. Wow! What a fulsome newsletter. I like the look of the LFC News. Organised and clear. Top shelf!!” (DH, Eltham North, May 2015)
  141. I enjoy getting the LFC newsletter. Thanks for your effort and expertise in putting it together.” (MM, Greensborough, May 2015)
  142. Thanks for the great newsletter.” (ER, Research, May 2015)
  143. Thanks, Guy. Great effort.” (AS, Cottles Bridge, April 2015)

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