How to make free seed packets (no scissors or glue needed). Thanks to Cath Lyons for pointing it out; as she said “really cool – so simple!Click here for a (printable) template that you can use. The bloke who made this video has actually made a whole bunch of interesting videos about growing food. Click here for his Youtube page. (posted March 22 2017)

Thanks to Marina Bistrin for introducing me (and now, you) to the previously hidden world of pizza tossing by sharing this amazing video on Facebook. Someone called Tony Gemignani has apparently been ‘World Champion Pizza Acrobat’ a record 8 times. As well as pizza tossing tricks, his videos range from pizza tossing tutorials to hour long lectures about different types of pizza. (posted February 1 2017)

George the Farmer’s stated aim is to teach 0-8 year-old children in Australia about how food is produced. Watch their first video (which is about potatoes) or – better still – get your children to watch it. (posted January 4 2017)

DirtGirl and Costa the Garden Gnome don’t appear to have a clear aim(!). But here is one of their better posts (on the subject of gutter gardens) and here is their YouTube channel. (posted January 4 2017)

Here is the YouTube channel of the person who arguably started the recent trend of singing about vegetables, Charlie Mgee. (posted January 4 2017)

Mary Clear, from Incredible Edible Todmorden (posted May 11 2016)

Pie Face (posted May 11 2016)

Local film on the use of planter boxes in inner city Melbourne and their interaction with food swaps. Plus the harvesting of some weeds. (posted January 22 2015)

Glyphosate in our food chain and links to diseases: This is a fascinating film, lots of biology, but worth listening to if you have an hour. (posted November 7 2013)

A farm share story from Kyogle, Queensland. (posted October 25 2012)

Seed planting tips: This is a handy little video from the Little Vegie Patch on planting seeds. (posted October 17 2013)

Tecoma Flashmob at McDonald’s: This You Tube video is well worth seeing and supporting. Magnificent singing! (posted September 5 2013)

The Autism Enigma: Filmed in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada the program looks at a controversial theory examining the possible links between harmful bacteria in a child’s gut and ASD. Could the food we eat and commonly used drugs, intended to kill infection, play a part in the development of certain forms of autism? For more information see (posted August 30 2012)

Food forests: If you are interested in Food Forests, you may like to view this 10 minute film titled ’30 year old food forest’ in Queensland. The local permaculture blog may also be of interest. (posted August 15 2013)

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