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Love food, hate waste: a nicely presented website brought to you by The Victorian Government and delivered by Sustainability Victoria. (posted December 31 2016)

Some books and films

Some websites

Some food swapping websites

  • RipeNearMe: a website for selling or giving away your surplus produce, which has now been going for around 3 years.
  • Food Forage: a relatively new (started March 2016) website designed to allow people to sell their surplus produce locally. A quick analysis shows that, whilst there are currently around 50 sellers from North East Melbourne on RipeNearMe, there are only 3 on Food Forage.
  • Spare Harvest: a new website (and app) which is designed to enable local communities to help connect, share, swap and sell all things related to gardening and growing food.
  • ShareWaste: the Tinder of food waste. (posted November 30 2016)

Food and social justice
Some people might be interested in a new book entitled Beyond the kale: urban agriculture and social justice activism in New York City.

Or the book entitled Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs and Hope on the Urban Frontier. Here is what someone said about it: “Ableman was asked to start urban farms in the toughest areas of downtown Vancouver. His book is a series of thoughtful, personal, and remarkably frank essays about how he turned vacant lots and parking lots into vegetables while engaging with the locals, coping with the city bureaucracy, dealing with landlords desperate for more parking space, and managing the hazards of trying to make this work among people beset by poverty, alcohol, and drugs. But he did make it work and this book explains how you too can do this. Street Farm is an elegant how-to manual on using farming to do real community work with populations classically hard to reach but thriving on such initiatives.”

Also links to articles about Detroit urban farmers and a mobile farmers’ market in Austin, Texas.

And some links to Melbourne-wide organisations: Food Bank, SecondBite and Feed Melbourne.

And some more local links: the Food Justice Truck and the Diamond Valley Food Share. (posted August 31 2016)

Eat Local Ballarat: an interesting, new website that seems to be trying to the same for Ballarat as our website does for North East Melbourne. (posted June 11 2016)

Sustainable Gardening Australia’s (SGA’s) food-related posts: you can find all of their edible gardening posts listed on the following three pages:

  • Fruit.
  • Herbs.
  • Veggies. (posted June 1 2016)
    Weekend Notes is a website & newsletter which covers all types of events across Melbourne. It usually costs $75 to list an event but “charity events with an average ticket price under $50 and free community-run events are eligible for submission to the suggestion box at no charge.“. It appears that quite a lot of people read Weekend Notes. For example, last year we submitted a free entry for Eltham Farmers’ Market’s 1st birthday and 1,500 people reportedly read the article. (posted May 25 2016)

    Chocolab is a website which allows you to design your own customised bars of chocolate. For cost reasons alone, this is probably not the sort of thing one would do often. But, as a treat for yourself or someone else, it has great novelty value. (posted May 11 2016)

    Local Harvest is an Ethical Consumer Group initiative that is perhaps best known for its Local Harvest Challenges, which focus on eating local foods, supporting local growers and learning about where
    your food comes from. (posted March 16 2016)

    My productive backyard: this is for those of you looking for ideas on how to successfully grow more food. (posted July 17 2014)

    Transition: If you are interested in preparing for climate change and a low carbon future, you may be interested in following Rob Hoskin’s blog. Over the last month, Rob has been questioning a variety of British leaders about whether local groups, like Transition Banyule and LFC, should become, or already are, political! Amongst the interviews was one with Greens Party leader Natalie Bennett, interesting because she grew up in Australia and “her first degree was in Agricultural Science which, combined with her Australian heritage, means, as she put it, that she’s ‘the only British political leader who knows how to shear a sheep’ “! (posted July 3 2014)

    Succession in vegetable planting: If you are interested in a well described process of having lettuce’s all year, go to Linda Woodrow’s blog, the Witches Kitchen. (posted February 27 2014)

    Shareable: Lots of interesting stories here. I like the story The Sharing Garden Shows the Way to a Moneyless Food System. (posted January 30 2014)

    The Just Food Films: Created by the Locavore Edition in collaboration with AFSA – – this is to serve as the platform to host and promote as many stories as possible from around Australia – and internationally – about the emerging fair food system. It’s in recognition of the reality that we simply cannot capture the breadth and diversity of what’s taking place in a single 60-min documentary. (posted November 21 2013)

    Organic farming potential: At this site they write that organic farming has the potential to contribute to sustainable food security by improving nutrition intake and sustaining livelihoods in rural areas, while simultaneously reducing vulnerability to climate change and enhancing biodiversity. (posted July 11 2013)

    MADGE (Mothers are demystifying Genetic Engineering): Subscribe to the MADGE feeds if you are at all concerned about GM foods and what it may be doing to, in particular, our children’s and grandchildren’s health. (posted July 4 2013)

    My Home Harvest is the new name for Swap Shuffle Share. Natasha Kuperman, of Melbourne, runs this interesting site about urban farming. (posted May 24 2013)

    The ‘Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping’ is completely revised and updated, with the new branding of ‘Shop Ethical!’. This new edition includes new company ownership charts, improved categorisation, new blurbs, and lots of tips for shopping beyond the supermarket. (posted November 29 2012)

    ABC recipe page: Did you know that the ABC has a recipe page? Unusual recipes as well as the old favourites can be sent through to your email by an RSS feed. (posted November 22 2012)

    My darling lemon thyme is a blog by a young West Australian chef and mother of two young children. She shares some tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes with all her readers. (posted November 15 2012)

    Check out some of the online seed providers. Phoenix Seeds, Tasmania. They have a great range of more unusual seeds on offer. The Lost Seed, also Tasmania. Eden Seeds and Green Harvest, both in Queensland. (posted July 26 2012)

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