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Backyard Honey
Honey, bees wax and apiary services
30Kerr65 Expresso Bar, Fitzroy
Acorn Nursery, Surrey Hills
Alimentari, Collingwood
Alimentari, Fitzroy
Balwyn Fruit Supply
Balwyn Heights Fruit Supply, Balwyn North
Blood Orange Foodstore, Hawthorn East
Boccaccio Cellars Food and Wine, Balwyn
Chatham Food Store, Surrey Hills
Classic Fruits, Canterbury
Coltivari Fruit and Vege Store, Camberwell
Coombe Yarra Valley Providore, Coldstream
Dineamic Health Food Store, Camberwell
Flowers of Canterbury, Canterbury
FoodWorks Mont Albert
Glenferrie Gourmet Meats, Hawthorn
Hawthorn Common, Hawthorn
Honey Thief Bakery Cafe, Blackburn South
IGA Blackburn
IGA Blackburn North
Kew Organics
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Heidelberg
Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Kew
Piedimonte’s Supermarket & Liquor, Fitzroy North
Pure Bread Bakery, Surrey Hills
Renaissance IGA, Hawthorn
Reunion Cafe Dining, Surrey Hills
Salzano Delicatessen, Balwyn North
Strawberry Point Fresh Food Market, Forest Hill
The Common Good, Hawthorn
The Craft and Co, Collingwood
The Green at St Columbs, Hawthorn
The Organic Union Fruit and Vegetable Store, Surrey Hills
The Something Different Shop, Hawthorn
Toscano's Kew
Toscano’s Richmond
Wattle Park Green Grocer, Box Hill
Zimt Patisserie Café, Mont Albert
Surrey Hills
Backyard Honey's raw, local, multi-floral and varietal honey is hand-harvested, unheated, cold extracted and permeated with local pollens. It retains all the beneficial nutritional and medicinal properties often lost in pasteurised commercial honey. Each harvest's colour, smell and consistency may be a little different as the foraging of bees is neither within the apiarist's control nor inclination. Some harvests may crystallise, which simply means that the bees have gathered pollens more likely to turn the honey solid. If you prefer a liquid honey, gently warm the crystallised honey on a sunny windowsill or in a warm bowl of water, remembering that temperatures higher than 40°C will reduce the honey's therapeutic properties.

As backyard beekeepers, Peter and his wife Jane were often approached by people interested in keeping bees. As time passed, they realised that, while many people dreamed of having hives to harvest their own honey, they felt they did not have the time or apiary experience required. Inspired by this demand, Peter retired in 2012 to pursue his beekeeping passion and develop an innovative urban apiary service to provide local city dwellers with the skills and equipment necessary to host bee hives and obtain pure local honey from their own backyards. Hence, Backyard Honey.

The Backyard Honey ethos is simply to provide an effective and efficient service to ensure sustainable, healthy and mindful communities.

Backyard Honey beekeepers are qualified to provide apiary incursions to complement education programmes and have worked with many schools and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programmes. Their bee incursions are tailored to complement and/or extend the curriculum and include a fully enclosed perspex beehive, apiary equipment, bee suits, wax and propolis and pure, raw, unheated honey tastings. Backyard Honey incursions provide a catalyst for enquiry-based learning across the curriculum for both young and old. Phone them to discover more.
Bumpstead Family Apiaries
Honey and beeswax products
Bollygum Community Market, Kinglake
Kinglake Produce and Artisan Market
L-Atieh Hair & Beauty, Doreen
Bumpstead Family Apiaries sell honey and beeswax products. Their honey includes Ironbark and Stringybark. Their other honey products include honeycomb and soap. Their beeswax products include moisturising lotion, lip balm and wood conditioner.

They have also set up apiaries around Melbourne and Victoria, offering a rental hive service. Finally, and most importantly, they promote the important job that bees do in supporting human life.
Heidi Honey Hurstbridge
Raw, medical and creamed honey, plus honeycomb. Chai tea and bees wax candles.
Farm gate honesty box
From hives in Eltham, Hurstbridge, Yarrambat, Kangaroo Ground, central Victoria, plus rescued and sponsored hives across Melbourne, Heidi Honey Hurstbridge offers a raw honey (unheated and without added rice or corn syrup). Varieties include Ironbark, Grey Box, Messmate, Yellow Box, Yellow Gum (all when in season only). It also offers creamed honey, honeycomb, medicinal honey (regularly sought after for hay fever, sinus etc) and bulk honey for food cooperatives, businesses and families (7+ kilo tubs).

As Bee Rescue, Heidi Honey rescues bees across Melbourne from pest controllers. Nillumbik residents can sponsor a hive at their property.
Maya ‘Xala Honey
Road Side Honey Stall at 11 Coulthard Cresent, Doreen
Via Facebook page
Local Fine Foods, Diamond Creek
Mernda Cafe Convenience
Maya 'Xala Honey make pure and natural honey which they sell in 600g jars.

The owner, Nathan Stewart, is also the resident beekeeper at Rivers of Yarrambat.

"Maya'Xala" as it is an Indigenous word that means treat others and things the way you want to be treated (i.e. with respect). This sacred teaching and inter-connectedness could really help modern western ways of living.
Peter Castaldo’s Local Honey
Contact Peter by phone or email
Peter harvests his honey from locally hives in Rosanna, Heidelberg Heights and Alphington. No heat treatment, pasteurisation, ultra filtration or mixing is done, and the honey is as natural and unadulterated as possible. Varieties change throughout the seasonwhich lasts from late November until April, with the honey for sale until it runs out. It is a zero waste production process, with all glass wear coming from regular customers who keep their large jars for Peter. All the materials from the hives are utilised and highly valued. Honey goes to local residents and friends. Honey wine or mead is made from secondary honey after extraction and is washed from the cappings. The wax cappings are then melted under the sunlight, refined in a number of stages to a pure form, and then used for candle making or polishes and varnishes. The remaining impurities are composted into a veggie garden. No pollution is made from the production and gathering as an electric vehicle powered by solar panels is used for all transportation. All methods have been chosen to follow the most sustainable and have the most positive environmental impact possible.

Peter is greatly appreciative of his bees and their wonderful ability to gather the local nectar and pollen from the surrounding trees, providing it for him and other people in the area. The bees contribute in many ways, including the pollination of the trees that we have in our gardens, and make our world much more interesting.
Warrandyte Local Honey
Amber honey
River View Deli Cafe, Warrandyte
Warrandyte Butcher
You can meet Barry at the local Warrandyte market every month, or purchase his selection of honey at selected delis, cafes and butchers across Nillumbik and the shire of Manningham.