Jul 262013

Local food-related events

Food swap change

Edendale Foodswap will be early again this month, 9.30am-10.30am, to allow participants from the pruning workshop to take part, and vice versa enable regular food swappers to book into the Pruning workshop run by Edendale. Preserves, citrus, brassicas and seedlings may be some of the produce to share this month.

Ivanhoe Community Garden

Open Day, Sat July 27, 1 – 4pm. Everyone welcome 10A Tate Street Ivanhoe. Herb displays, massages, campfire, kids art & craft, talk by Peter the Beekeeper, and more…e-mail: Stacey Morland on Ivanhoe.foodgarden@gmail.com https://ivanhoecommunitygarden.wordpress.com Tel: Paul and Stacey Morland 9440 9247

Fruit tree pruning workshops

Sat July 27, 10am-12 noon. And again Sun July 28 10am-12 noon. At 4 Adamson Street Heidelberg. Robert will demonstrate pruning of eight-year-old fruit trees and brambles. Bring secateurs so that you can have a go too. It’s free, but limit 10 so please reply to this email or phone 9455 2581.

ALSO Sat July 27 @ Edendale, 10 -12noon. Reminder to those booked!!

ALSO Eltham South SGA POD, Sun July 28, 2pm. Ryan Young will prune our fruit trees, and you are welcome to come and see what he is doing. Ryan is a passionate foodie, garden designer, professional gardener and SGA presenter. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the benefits of the different types of trees in different home gardens – such as fruit production and length of season, shade, how quickly they establish, pest resistance, size etc. RSVP for location to Meredith & Bruce, Ph 94398750, meredith@baag.com.au

Other food activities/information

Milk in bottles…

Read more about this new dairy in Fitzroy here.

A travel story from a local foodie

We are renting a small house on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound north of Seattle. Compared to where we were last year, this is not as rural but it is also a farming community. From the local farm map I can count 11 farms raising goats, some make cheeses and some rent out goats as lawn mowers! 6 places have alpacas and sell wool. I went to a farmers market on Saturday and rejoiced in the abundance of fresh local vegetables and fruits. Strawberries, raspberries, nectarines are in season. Salad vegs as well as peas and beans abound. It was lovely. The rental where we are at comes complete with a veggie garden where we can pick our own rocket, spinach, lettuce, silverbeets for our meals. We pick strawberries for breakfast every morning. My assessment of the island is that the spirit of growing your own is alive. The farmers market and local organic shop take care of those who don’t have gardens and suppliment those who need to fill in the gap. I have had so much fun so far. Duang.