Balwyn Community Garden


This garden is allotment-based.

To discuss any aspect of the garden, contact Deb Austin by email or phone (9836 7942). You can also read about the garden on the Balwyn Community Centre website.

Balwyn Community Centre, 412 Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills, 3127.

There are 35 plots of various sizes, ranging from 10 square metres to 30 square metres, and including some raised beds for easy access.

Gardeners lease the plots for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers and there is a co-operative, sharing vibe. Produce, seeds, cuttings and tips are exchanged and everyone helps at working bees to maintain the site.

There is a shed which contains various equipment (spades, etc), both communal and individually owned.

There is a booklet which provides some rules and guidelines for gardener behaviour, including a code of conduct, rights & responsibilities, plot maintenance (e.g. it must be well maintained) and pest control (e.g. no toxic chemicals).

To become a plot holder, you have to live within 3 kilometres of the garden. As of 2024, the plots cost $5 pa per square metre plus a membership fee of $16 pa. In addition, plot holders pay a once off joining fee of $150 to go towards the cost of communal equipment. All plots are currently allocated and there is a waiting list of around 2 years. Here is the application form.

The Surrey Hills / Balwyn Food Swap is held at Balwyn Community Centre on the 3rd Sunday of each month, 9-10am.

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