Bulleke-bek Park Community Garden


This garden is open to the public and membership is free.

See their Facebook page.

Corner of West Street and Breese Street, Brunswick.

The garden is in the new Bulleke-Bek park near Anstey station. In a small community park in a high-density neighbourhood, the garden is a space for the many local people who live in apartments to cultivate a little bit of green. It comprises around six wicking beds and a food forest, initially established planted in 2020. The harvest is for anyone and everyone in the community. The garden is open and there is substantial foot traffic, with children visiting from the playground close by and Brunswick folk passing through the park on their way to Sydney Road.

They meet once a month to discuss planting and projects, to share a cup of tea or coffee and the results of their home baking projects – see their Facebook page for dates and times.

Folks often garden or harvest between meetings, and their garden aspirations include: enjoying the park; linking up with other community groups; growing their gardening knowledge; engaging with council to understand and provide feedback about food security and community gardening in Brunswick; imagining a composting future for their high-density community; and what their food forest might look like in a few years’ time.

Watch this video about the opening of Bulleke-bek Park as a whole.

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