Buna Reserve Community Garden, Heidelberg West


This garden is becoming membership based, but membership is free. Any members of the public are welcome to attend working bees and other events and go into the garden whenever volunteers are there.

To discuss any aspect of the community garden, contact either Alex Childs (0456 588654; Alex.childs@bchs.org.au) or Mel Bryan (0418 426327; melissa.bryan@bchs.org.au). Or go to their Facebook page or website.

16 Buna Street, Heidelberg West.

The garden comprises a number of raised beds. It is a safe and harmonious place for community to come together to learn and share gardening and other skills and develop friendships. Its main aim is to grow more than enough food so that they can share it with our community; for example, they share produce with the Aboriginal Foodshare at Barrbunin Beek Gathering Place.

They follow permaculture principles and crop rotation as much as they can. They are also interested in syntropic-agroforestry principles, mimicking nature and utilising nature’s services as best they can. They seed save and there are 6 compost bays. Often they will share some food and a cuppa together as well. Some local play groups are involved and sometimes they organise events.

The garden is open to everyone on Thursdays, 3.30-5.30pm. Anyone is welcome to visit the garden when it is open and lend a hand or just enjoy the space and, if you are keen to be more involved, then please enquire about becoming a volunteer!


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  1. It’s always great volunteering there with Alex and others:)

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