Unusual pumpkins


Simone Boyd is the owner of the online veggie seed shop, Heirloom Naturally.

Anna Swartz & Blue Ballet Bohemian
Buttercup Futsu
Galeux D’Eysines Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck & Violina di Rugosa
Rouge Vif D’Etampes Sibley

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  1. Fantastic pumpkins. Thank you so much for the videos. I was just wondering … what is your preferred way to store pumpkins?

    P.s. I received my order of Egyptian walking onions from you yesterday and am very excited.

    • Hi Pauline
      Thanks for your comment and question. We wait until the pumpkin stem is dried (looking a little corky) before harvesting. This is key to longevity. Then we cut a good length of the vine (with the stem) to allow the pumpkin to fully mature. These are stored in our greenhouse. As they tend to be harvested during March/April, it is still quite hot in the greenhouse, so we cover the pumpkins with shadecloth to ensure they are out of direct sunlight. Once May arrives, they do just fine without the shade cloth. For the home gardener (without a greenhouse), storing them in a pantry, out of direct sunlight will work well.
      Enjoy your onions – they are magnificent!

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