Sources of various supermarket products (by Celesta Van der Paal)


Celesta Van der Paal, from Eltham, is interested in the sources of processed supermarket products. So, she has decided to do a few surveys of her local supermarkets and thinks that it is revealing how many of the products are imported.

Cucumber pickles

Here are the results of a quick survey of cucumber pickle products on the supermarket shelves at the moment (May 2023).

  • Aldi: 2 brands from India (Deli Originals Dill Cucumbers; Fehlberg Dill Cucumbers).
  • Coles: 7 brands from India (Coles Bread & Butter Pickles; Coles Special Burger Pickles; Fehlbergs Burger Pickles; Fehlbergs Sandwich Stackers; McClures Pickles; Sandhurst Sandwich Stackers; Wicked Pickles).
  • Woolworths: 7 brands from India (Always Fresh Bread & Butter Cucumbers; Byrne Co Burger Pickles; Fehlbergs Burger Pickle; Fehlbergs Pickle Chips; Fehlbergs Sandwich Stackers; McClures Pickles; Sandhurst Sandwich Stackers). 1 brand from Poland (Macro Certified Organic Burger Pickles) and 2 from Australia (Three Sisters Pickles; Westmont Pickles).

At Coles, the pickled cucumber products took up nearly two metres of space by two shelves, with 100% being imported!

Dried chilli, garlic and oregano products)

The lists below show where our dried products of chilli, garlic and oregano are sourced in our two major supermarket chains (in May 2023):

  • Chilli flakes: 2 brands from India; 3 packed in Australia (PIA).
  • Crushed chilli: 2 brands from China; 1 PIA; 1 produce of Australia.
  • Garlic powder: 1 brand from China; 1 from India; 1 from USA; 1 PIA.
  • Minced garlic: 4 brands from China; 1 produce of Australia.
  • Dried oregano: 1 brand from India;1 from Greece, 1 PIA.
  • Semi-dried oregano: 1 brand produce of Australia.

It is interesting to see how many products are marked as packed in Australia, which effectively hides their source.

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