2020 Local Government Election Scorecards
Local Food System Candidate Scorecards for Banyule and Nillumbik


The completed scorecards

Click any of the links below to view the completed scorecard for that ward (pdf).


Bakewell ward.

Beale ward.

Chelsworth ward.

Griffin ward.

Grimshaw ward.

Hawdon ward.

Ibbott ward.

Olympia ward.

Sherbourne ward.


Blue Lake ward.

Bunjil ward.

Edendale ward.

Ellis ward.

Sugarloaf ward.

Swipers Gully ward.

Wingrove ward.


Local Food Connect developed a short food systems questionnaire for candidates in the Banyule and Nillumbik 2020 Local Government Elections. It was designed to help us understand each candidate’s level of commitment to meaningful action on local food issues. Click here to read the Banyule questionnaire or Click here to read the Nillumbik questionnaire.

The questionnaire responses have been used to develop a candidate scorecard for each ward to inform voter’s decisions.

  • Each candidate who completed the questionnaire has been given a scorecard rating on five broad areas of the local food system
  • The scorecard ratings are based only on the yes/maybe/no candidate responses and do not provide a complete picture of an individual candidate’s approach to the local food system.
  • Candidates were contacted via their VEC nominated contact email address, phone number or postal address.

Voting in the Council Election is by post. You will receive a ballot pack in the mail.
Post your completed ballot papers early so they arrive by Friday 23 October 2020.

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