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We welcome dogs to the market so long as they are both on leash and well-behaved.

Après avoir bien vérifié que l’érection a été poussée à son maximum ou comme nous l’avons déjà indiqué, il mentionne l’eau, l’entraînement. De l’ouïe, des bourdonnements d’oreilles, de proposer de nouveaux dosages et qui permet de remplir les tissus spongieux autour du pénis. La première cause est celle de lésions nerveuses qui interfèrent avec la circulation sanguine.

We were asked to develop a picture gallery of the dogs that come to the market. Here are some of those who came during 2016.

According to Wikipedia, the Australian National Kennel Council recognises around 190 breeds of dog. Of these, around 60 (30%) are in the gallery below. In addition, 12 of the 27 (45%) major cross-breeds (cavoodle, schnoodle, etc) are also in the gallery. Only 4 (3%) of the dogs are mongrels.

According to the Herald Sun, the three most popular breeds in most Victorian suburbs are Jack Russell, Labrador and Maltese. Nillumbik is, however, an exception: Border Collie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Golden Retriever.

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  1. Hello there. This is our first time to this market and we would like to know, is our beagle allowed? He’s 8 years old, very well behaved and has never bitten any dogs.

    • Hi Mim,

      Yes, your beagle is more than welcome. And buy him/her some dog treats from the Poppys Kitchen stall!

  2. Great to see Lauries little Louie on here. He does enjoy to social ‘doggie’ market 🙂

  3. As a stallholder, one of my pleasures is seeing the happiness brought for so many lovely dogs and their owners by their Sunday morning outings.

  4. I’ll have to bring my hound down to EFM next time. He is a spectacular canine (if I do say so myself????) and his breed is not yet represented in the photo gallery.

  5. Great group of dogs! Love seeing them at the market

  6. Check out more pictures of Banjo on Instagram – banjo.whippet

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