Stallholders at the next market (26th November)

NameCategoryCategoryProductsLocal?Certified organic?VMFA accredited?
A Local Baker St AndrewsBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsOrganic sourdough bread and croissantyes..
Apted's OrchardsFruitFruitApples and pearsyes.yes
Australian Harvest / Bio GrapeCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersCertified organic horseradish vinegar, mustards, jams, chutneys, sauces and BIO-GRAPE fruit pastesyesyes.
Baked by RobynBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsHome-baked Christmas goodsyes..
Bass Coast FarmMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishBeef and lamb..yes
Bear Bagels and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsBagels, pretzels, bread and bunsyes..
Bee Rescue - Heidi Honey HurstbridgeHoney and Bee Products; BeveragesHoney and Bee Products
Raw honey, creamed honey and honeycomb. Hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma remedy. Chai tea and bees wax candles.yes.yes
Belleview FarmEggsEggsEggsyes.yes
Bill's BakeshopBread and Baked GoodsBread and Baked GoodsBread and croissant...
Blue Bay CheeseDairyDairyDairy products, including soft and hard cheeses, yoghurts and kefir..yes
Cathedral CherriesFruitFruitCherries..yes
Chef's Fine FoodBread and Baked Goods; Condiments and MakersBread and Baked Goods
Condiments and Makers
Pies, pates, terrines, pesto, tapenade and relishesyes.yes
Gorgeous George ProbioticsBeverages; Condiments and MakersBeverages
Condiments and Makers
Probiotic beverages and condiments..yes
Island HomeCondiments and Makers; Ready to Eat FoodCondiments and Makers
Ready to Eat Food
Curries (both fish and vegan) plus accompaniments. Also, ready-to-eat pan rolls.yes.yes
John Howell Fruit 4UFruitFruitApples, blackberries, cherries, figs, lemons, limes, mulberries, pears, persimmon, plums and quincesyes.yes
KanelleBread and Baked Goods; Sweet TreatsBread and Baked Goods
Sweet Treats
Quiches and pastriesyes..
Kingfisher CitrusFruit; Condiments and MakersFruit
Condiments and Makers
Seasonal citrus fruits, juice, avocados, jams/marmalades/preserves, pickled garlic and some seasonal vegetables..yes
L'ArtisanMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishPates, rillettes and other meat products..yes
La LoucheReady to Eat FoodReady to Eat FoodSavoury galettes and sweet crepesyes..
Limestone Free Range FarmsMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishFresh and smoked pork cuts..yes
Loddon EstateMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishFree range chicken..yes
Moorabool River Beef
Meat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishBeef..yes
Mount Prospect FarmVegetablesVegetablesA wide range of vegetables..yes
Mrs C'sCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersChilli oil...
Murray River SmokehouseMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishSmoked meats and fish plus gravlax...
Pure PieBread and Baked Goods; Sweet TreatsBread and Baked Goods
Sweet Treats
Pies, both savoury and sweet..yes
Riverland PistachiosNutsNutsPistachios..yes
Schulz Organic DairyDairyDairyMilk and milk products.yesyes
Seed to StemMiscMiscCut flowers and foliageyes.yes
Si MangiaCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersTomato puree, pasta sauce and olivesyes.yes
Specialty Coffee ArmyBeveragesBeveragesVarious yes..
Spirli StrawberriesFruitFruitStrawberriesyes.yes
Sporadical City MushroomsMushroomsMushroomsA range of exotic mushroomsyes.yes
Sugarloaf ProduceVegetablesVegetablesA wide range of vegetablesyessimilaryes
Tabouli RasaCondiments and Makers; Ready to Eat FoodCondiments and Makers
Ready to Eat Food
Salads, hummus, dips and falafel..yes
The Mushroom ShedMushrooms; Seedlings and PlantsMushrooms
Seedlings and Plants
Mushrooms, mushroom kits. Also herb and veggie seedlings.yes.yes
The Natural Pasta HousePasta; Condiments and MakersPasta
Condiments and Makers
A variety of pastas, including spelt. Sauces...yes
The Sweetest MomentSweet TreatsSweet TreatsVegan, gluten free, sugar free cakes, muffins, biscuits and pastries..yes
Thriving Foods FarmVegetables; EggsVegetables
A wide range of Certified Organic vegetables. Also, eggs..yesyes
TonemadeCondiments and MakersCondiments and MakersBeef bone broth and jus.ingredientsyes
Top Hundred AcresEggsEggsEggsyes.yes
Ummu GozlemeReady to Eat FoodReady to Eat FoodGozleme (savoury, stuffed Turkish flatbread)..yes
Wattle Organic FarmsFruitFruitStonefruit.yesyes
Yarra CoffeeCoffee etcCoffee etcCoffee and chaiyesingredients.
Yarra Valley Gourmet SausagesMeat, Poultry and FishMeat, Poultry and FishA wide range of gourmet sausagesyes.yes
Yendon Gourmet TomatoesVegetablesVegetablesTomatoes and other summer vegetables..yes

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