Waste management


As part of our aim to be as sustainable as possible, we aim to ensure that all unavoidable waste generated at the market is disposed of in a correct way.

The market now has three bins:

  • Compost (for food scraps only at this stage).
  • Recycling.
  • Landfill.

On occasions, we engage a ‘bin fairy’ to help patrons to choose the correct bin. With a lot of conflicting information around, this can be a challenging task! The bin fairy’s advice helps both to reduce the contamination of our recycles and to decrease the amount of waste going to landfill.

We plan to introduce clear signage so that customers can easily choose whether to recycle, compost or (as a last resort) send rubbish to landfill. Recycling can be both confusing and complex, so continuing evaluation and development of signage and educational material will be conducted. A major challenge of this work has been extracting reliable information from the waste industry.

The market uses an external contractor, Trash N Stash, to collect our bins. Our recycling goes to VISY. Our organics recycling is taken to Veolia, where all food scraps can be directed to prevent it from going to landfill. These arrangements are different to those of some of the surrounding councils so this may mean that some items that can be recycled at the market can’t be recycled at your home, or vice versa. Check your council’s website for lists of what you can and can’t recycle (or see our local recycling guide for some of the differences between councils).

Stallholders are responsible for taking away their own waste. This is to highlight to them how much waste they produce and to encourage its responsible disposal and, hopefully, reduction.

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