Buzz and Dig native bee masterclass

February 27, 2021 @ 10:00 – 11:30
Private address
Dundas St
Preston VIC 3072
$55 ($37 per hour)
Katrina Forstner

This workshop, by Katrina Forstner from Buzz and Dig, will introduce you to our native bees, how to spot a native bee, nesting types, buzz pollination, what materials are great to get you started with your own bee hotel and, no matter what type of green thumb you are, how to set up a bee friendly garden. Enjoy a cuppa whilst you make your own bee hotel using natural and upcycled materials.

Go and learn about native bees in Katrina Forstner’s backyard bee oasis. You’ll learn how to identify native bees, co-evolution of bees and plants, nesting behaviours, buzz pollination, and how to increase beneficial insect biodiversity in your backyard. Create a bee hotel using upcycled materials and take it home together with some bee-friendly organic open pollinated seeds for your garden.

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