Diamond Valley Library Food Garden Club

October 16, 2018 @ 11:30 – 12:30
Diamond Valley Library
Civic Drive
Greensborough VIC 3088
Dione Fisher
9434 3809
2018 events
December 18 Christmas party in the garden Celebrate the year of the garden with music and nibbles.
November 20 Vertical gardens Landscape designer John Hassall will shows you how to construct a vertical garden and discover the benefits for your small space.
October 16 Raspberry winemaking Gary Campanella, Danny Cappellani, Wayne Harridge and Mario Fantin from Eltham and District Winemakers Guild will introduce the basics of country winemaking and demonstrate the steps to make a raspberry wine. Come along and learn how to make wine with a tried-and-true recipe using principles which can be applied to anything organic which grows in your garden.
September 18 Natural pest control with companion planting Presented by Angelo Eliades. Learn which companion plants to add to your garden to solve many common garden problems naturally, and find out how to construct ‘plant guilds’ (groups of plants that grow much better together) for more abundant harvests.
August 21 Microgreens Learn all about microgreens from KABUU, who are local aspiring ecological urban farmers committed to growing sustainably. Find out about their micro-nursery where they grow vegetables, herbs, baby salads and microgreens and see their produce for yourself.
July 17 Pickling your winter vegetables Wondering what to do with your winter vegetables? Go along to this workshop with Marie from Rie’s Kitchen and learn how to pickle your produce.
June 19 Backyard chickens Always wanted to have your own chickens for pets or to enjoy your own fresh eggs? Join Maria McCarter from Sunset Valley Chicks and learn all about how to keep chicks in your very own backyard.
May 15 Worm farming Join Felicity Gordon as she shows you how to set up and maintain a worm farm to get the best results.
April 17 Kokedamas Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai made by taking your plant out of its pot and into a ball of soil held together with a unique soil mixture, moss and string. Learn how to make your own kokedama.
March 20 Garden design with Robert Boyle Join local landscape designer Robert Boyle for insights into garden design.
February 20 Melissa King – Garden Guru Melissa King is one of Australia’s most popular and respected garden experts and television presenters. She has worked on Gardening Australia, Melbourne Weekender, Gurus Explore, The Circle, and Foxtel’s Garden Angels. She is currently on The Garden Gurus on Channel 9. Go along to meet Melissa and listen to her expert advice.


2017 events
December 19 Sourdough breadmaking Celebrate a wonderful year of garden with music and delectable nibbles.
November 21 Sourdough breadmaking Ever wanted to make a sourdough starter but think it’s too hard? Go along to this workshop with Marie from Rie’s Kitchen and learn the art of sourdough breadmaking.
October 17 Native plants Join native plant expert and guide at Royal Botanic Gardens – Cranbourne David Redfern as he tells you about all things related to our native plants.
September 19 Story stones Hayley from Little by Nature will show you how to create beautiful painted stones for your garden.
August 15 Solar energy Dieter will explain the advantages of solar panels, how to go about it, pros and cons and the various options available.
July 18 Terrariums Kat will show you how to create your own miniature garden.
June 20 Fermenting Go along to enjoy this fermenting workshop with Marie from Rie’s Kitchen as she prepares traditional giadiniere.
May 16 Introduction to beekeeping Learn about the importance of bees and how to set up and care for bees in your own backyard.
April 18 Seed raising with Felicity Gordon Join local permaculture expert Felicity Gordon to learn the secrets successful seed raising.
March 21 Chicken chatter Learn about starting your own pen and basic care of chickens with Maria McCarter from Sunset Valley Chicks. Maria will show some of her own chickens on the day and will offer advice on the benefits of sustainable living and also chickens being wonderful pets.
February 21 Love food, hate waste Learn to avoid food waste and use left overs more creatively in their love food, hate waste cooking demonstrations and tips sessions with local chef Duang, from Real Food Catering.


2016 events
November 22 Preserving with Marie Learn all about preserving lemons and how to prepare berry jam in this workshop with Marie Vasallo from Rie’s Kitchen.
October 18 Scarecrows Join in the fun as they make scarecrows for the community garden.
September 20 Birds of Your backyard Join Dr Kerryn Herman from BirdLife Australia as she discusses the types of plants required to attract birds to your garden. Also find out what wonderful birds are native to our region.
August 16 Aquaponic gardens Join Paul Jonas from Grow Aquaponics as he shares some advice about on the plants and fish to use in aquaponics and the exciting future of food production.
July 19 Creating Eden in small spaces Do you only have a small garden or no garden at all? Would you still like to grow your own food? Karen Sutherland, from Edible Eden Design will show you different options – such as pallet gardens – as well as information about plant choices, space-saving plants and combining both productive and ornamental plants.
June 21 Good bugs – bad bugs Angelica Cameron from Integrated Pest Management Technologies will teach you all about good bugs and bad bugs for your garden – looking at identifying bugs. Fun for children as well as adults.
May 17 Seed saving Join Robin to find out the keys to saving your valuable seeds. A great way to not only save money but ensure the quality of your plants.
April 19 Get the most from your bulbs Join Kathleen to learn how to get the most from your bulbs starting from soil preparation to ensure you get the best display.
March 15 Sustainable living Charlie Davie, Sustainable Homes Coordinator at Banyule and Darebin Councils, will provide some valuable tips on the actions we can take that make the biggest difference for nature.
February 16 Jane Edmanson – preparing for winter planting Join popular Gardening Australia presenter and author Jane Edmanson to learn how to best to prepare your garden to ensure a bumper winter crop starting from valuable soil preparation.


2015 events
November 17 The art of food forest gardening Angelo, from Deep Green Permaculture, will discuss how make your garden more productive by utilising the sustainable ecological principles of a natural forest.
October 20 Vegetable seedling propagation Rachel, from Edendale, will tell you all you need to know about propagating your own vegetables.
August 18 Advanced composting Dianne, from Edendale, will cover different composting methods, types of bins and liquid fertilisers.
July 21 Grow your own – on a shoestring Maria, from My Green Garden, will show you how to utilise things you may already have and learn some clever techniques to save money including: potting mixes, pest control, fertilisers, seed sowing, seasonal plant propagation, ‘nanna-technology’ and re-purposing household objects for use in the garden.
May 19 Backyard chickens Fleur, from Book-a-Chook, will show you how to choose your backyard chooks and provide all the care they need.

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