Poppy’s patch

February 9, 2019 @ 10:00 – 11:00
1 Lambassa Grove
Reservoir VIC 3073
Open Gardens Victoria
0472 997 880

Poppy’s Patch started as a father/daughter project when Poppy was aged three. The family decided to use the space on the front lawn to start an edible garden – to not only grow food but teach her where food comes from. To save back-breaking work, they used the no-dig approach so that Poppy could directly layer it herself and learn about how soil is managed. This has helped transform rock-hard northern suburb clay soil into a rich organic loamy soil full of life and nutrients. More recent additions to the garden include multiple compost bins, worm farms and backyard chickens.

To ensure Poppy can meaningfully participate in the garden, her father Chad has developed many strategies for her to work independently which he will share on this guided tour. Chad and Poppy’s Instagram account has become a fun documentation of their journey.

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