Preston Garden Club

May 22, 2019 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Preston Shire Hall
284 Gower St
Preston VIC 3072
Preston Garden Club
0402 012014

Fourth Wednesday of every month except for December.

2023 speakers and topics
25 Jan: DVD garden.
22 Feb: Karen Sutherland on tomatoes.
22 Mar: John Fry on Ziebells Farmhouse.
26 Apr: Chris Clarke on Wilsons Promontory.
24 May: DIVRS (Darebin Information, Volunteer & Resource Service).
28 Jun: Lauren Mueller on edible weeds.
26 Jul: AGM.
23 Aug: Kat Lavers on permaculture.
27 Sep: TBA.
25 Oct: TBA.
22 Nov: Presentation of monthly awards.

2022 speakers and topics
26 Jan: No Meeting.
23 Feb: Chris Clarke on Victorian alpine flora.
23 Mar: Andrew from Warringal Orchid Club.
27 Apr: Weng Lim on Asian vegetables.
25 May: Kathleen Tant on propagation.
22 Jun: Val from the Northern Suburbs Bonsai Club.
27 Jul: AGM.
24 Aug: TBA.
21 Sep: Maria on flower arranging.
26 Oct: Kathleen Tants on crop rotation and companion planting.
23 Nov: Christmas breakup.

2021 speakers and topics
27 Jan: No Meeting.
24 Feb: Kathleen Tants on weeds and pests.
24 Mar: John Pinniger – Heritage Fruit Society.
28 Apr: Pollinator Alliance on attracting pollinators to your garden.
26 May: Maria Mitchell on flower arranging.
23 Jun: Kathleen Tants on soil preparation.
28 Jul: AGM.
25 Aug: Chris Clarke on Victorian alpine flora.
22 Sep: Geoff Crowhurst on autumn bulbs and gardens in Greece.
27 Oct: To be confirmed.
24 Nov: Christmas breakup.

2019 speakers and topics
23 Jan: Plant/flower ID quiz.
27 Feb: Maria from Ivanhoe Garden Club on flower arranging.
27 Mar: Janine Kay on geraniums and pelargoniums.
24 Apr: Ian Banks-Smith on roses.
22 May: Rebecca from Holman Industries Irrigation Systems.
26 Jun: Vince from Bunnings.
24 Jul: AGM.
28 Aug: Andrew from Richgro Garden Products.
25 Sep: Kirsten Macleod from Compost Depot on compost.
23 Oct: Angelo from BAAG on permaculture.
27 Nov: Christmas breakup.