Shrubs and herbal infusions with Kelly Burns

June 7, 2023 @ 18:30 – 20:00
The Fermentary
394 Queens Parade
Fitzroy North VIC 3068
$75 ($50 per hour)
The Fermentary

Kelly Burns will discuss herbalism and medicinal herbal infusions. You will make two types of shrub which you will then take home.

A shrub is essentially a herb- or fruit-steeped sweet vinegar that you can enjoy drizzled like a dressing or added to sparkling or flat water, as you would a cordial. Sweet and tangy shrubs are also a great way to host a herb or to intensify a desired flavour. Herbal shrubs can be made and imbibed as medicinal tonics and many traditional shrubs are based on herbs, roots, barks and specific plant concoctions and were sipped with the purpose of healing. You can make a shrub by cold infusion or by cooking, depending on the ingredients and state of the fruit or how difficult you feel the flavours will be to pull out.