Apr 192017

The first Wonga Park Farmers’ Market is on this weekend

Just a reminder:
When: 4th Saturday of each month, starting Saturday, 22nd April, 9am-1pm.
Where: Wonga Park Primary School (41 Dudley Road, Wonga Park).
Enquiries: Jenny Kelly by phone (0410 526867) or email.

Penny Woodward’s workshop on growing garlic is on this weekend

Just a reminder:
When: Sunday, 23rd April, 12.45-3pm.
Where: Edendale.
Cost: $30 but free to members of Local Food Connect – join or renew your membership (from $10 pa).
More information: LFC calendar entry.

Urban food volunteer gardener opportunity in Darebin

Join a thriving little team of diverse backgrounds and skills talent. Darebin’s DIVRS’ urban food team is a place where you can fully participate in horticultural design, production and distribution of edible food systems. If interested, contact Martin O’Callaghan by phone (9480 8200) or email.

Garden volunteer opportunity in Lower Templestowe

The Templestowe College permaculture garden is a learning environment for the students of the college. As well as providing a place to learn new skills, the garden serves as a contemplative and recreational space for students and staff. This volunteer role is to assist in the ongoing development and maintenance of the permaculture garden beds, including: weeding, mulching, watering, composting, digging, planting, staking and pruning. View/download the role description. View/download the application form.

Yes we can (grow soybeans)

In last week’s newsletter, I suggested that it is unlikely that soybeans could be successfully grown in urban Melbourne because of the street lighting. Well, Heather has proved me wrong (see the picture). As Heather says: “For the past few years I have been growing soybeans, latterly of the Edamame kind, and getting a decent crop. Whilst the garden doesn’t receive bright street lighting, it does, until late evening, normally receive some light filtering in from the two townhouses next door.

Crop Swap Boronia

Following the discussion in last week’s newsletter about Crop Swap Melbourne, Emma Trottman has written in to say that there is also a Crop Swap Boronia Facebook group.

Seed Swap Australia

Seed Swap Australia is a closed Facebook group which you might like to consider joining. Thanks, Cath Lyons, for joining me to the group.

Mac’s tip of the week

I have been amazed by how many people have been having trouble with rabbits in their gardens recently. I often suggest a mix of rabbit-proof fencing and barriers on individual plants. Rabbits are also deterred by the application (smell) of blood and bone, and dislike chilli sprays. Always be careful not to allow children or pets to eat their recent droppings though … unless (of course) … they peel off the colourful outer layer first! Until next time, remember: dirty hands are good hands.

Click here to view all of Mac’s tips.

Joke of the week

Did the grape cry when someone stepped on it? No, it just let out a little wine.

New events

Sauerkraut and wild fermentation workshop

What: Includes cabbage and all ingredients to make your own batch of sauerkraut to ferment at home. Gain the confidence to ferment everything. You will also receive a comprehensive handout about sauerkraut and fermentation. Please byo a large (up to 900ml) wide-mouthed jar.
When: Sunday, 23rd April, 10am-12.30pm.
Where: Joe’s Market Garden, Coburg.
Cost: $40.
Enquiries: Monique by phone (9389 0100) or email.
Bookings: Eventbrite.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Native plant sale

What: An annual event by the Australian Plants Society – Yarra Yarra. A huge range of native plants, tube stock to advanced, including indigenous and grafted stock. The various sellers have submitted the following plant lists Yarra Yarra Growers; SunValley Plants; Natural PlantScape; La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary Nursery; and Phil Vaughan Grafted Stock List.
When: Saturday, 29th April, 10am-4pm.
Where: Eltham.
Cost: free.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Really Really Free Market Preston

What: It’s a community gathering where participants give away usable items, skills, food, entertainment, games and many others things that a community can come together and share. The market is a 100% free and non-commercial event (no bartering or advertising). What’s on so far? Movies screenings, bowen therapy, clothes repair (sewing, etc), arts space, music, clothes, bric-a-brac, acro-toga, veggie seedlings, zines, food, food-not-bombs, and haircuts. How can you get involved? Just go along, no obligation to take anything.
When: Sunday, 30th April, 10am-3pm.
Where: Preston.
Cost: free.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Food forest working bee

What: To celebrate International Permaculture Day, CERES is organising a community working bee in their food forest. Their food forest is home to their chooks and four rotational runs, terraces with fruit and nut trees and the newly built Honey Lane Hives bee display and teaching space. They would like to prep the area and plant some new trees to increase the number of productive plants and to create more shade options for their chooks. So go and get your hands dirty, help them plant around 500 plants and seedlings and learn more about the fundamentals of a working food forest. Their site horticulturalist, Belinda Kennedy, and organic farm manager, Meg Stewart, will be leading the day’s activities and will share their knowledge about working on an organic farm and at CERES.
When: Sunday, 7th May, 10am-3pm.
Where: CERES.
Cost: $10 (includes a light lunch and a short tour of CERES farm).
Enquiries: Melissa Lawson by email.
Bookings: TryBooking.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Healthy productive compost and worms

What: What you will learn: the importance of compost for soil health; how to fix common composting problems; and setting up and looking after a worm farm. Presented by Maria Ciavarella. Learn how to make great compost, the essential ingredient for a thriving and healthy garden. You will also look at worm farms and Bokashi as other options. You will also be shown how to make a DIY worm farm using recycled products.
When: Saturday, 3rd June, 9.30am-12.30pm.
Where: BAAG, Bulleen.
Cost: $45.
Enquiries: BAAG by phone (8850 3030).
Bookings / Further information: WeTeachMe.

Winter fruit tree maintenance

What: What you will learn: pruning – formative and maintenance of new and established fruit trees plus selection and planting of new fruit trees; winter fruit tree maintenance practices for pest and disease prevention, control and treatment; and pruning tool maintenance. Presented by Angelo Eliades. The aim of this demonstration class is that you will leave it feeling confident to maintain your fruit trees. The preparation that is done in the colder months pays mighty dividends in the growing and harvesting seasons to come. Learn all of the pruning techniques and needs of individual fruit trees from apples and plums to persimmons and pomegranates. And hear about what not to do. Discover how to reduce and prevent pest and diseases that compromise your fruit production. Learn how to treat problems with different methods – organic/permaculture and conventional. They will also cover buying new fruit trees and will demonstrate how to clean and sharpen your pruning tools and other edged garden tools (spades etc). You have the option to bring one of your own pruning tools along and learn how to sharpen it.
When: Saturday, 17th June, 9.30am-12.30pm.
Where: BAAG, Bulleen.
Cost: $45.
Enquiries: BAAG by phone (8850 3030).
Bookings / Further information: WeTeachMe.

Food as medicine with Naturopath Erin Loughnan

What: What if we could use our food as medicine? Imagine how our bodies would feel! Join qualified naturopath, Erin Loughnan, as she explores the amazing medicinal qualities of food and demonstrates how each of us can truly live healthier lives. You will come away with a sound knowledge of how foods can heal our bodies and ensure we are striving, not just surviving.
When: Sunday, 18th June, 2-5pm.
Where: CERES.
Cost: $50.
Enquiries: CERES by phone (9389 0100).
Bookings / Further information: WeTeachMe.

Summary of upcoming events

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Click here for the complete calendar of upcoming events. Click here for help in how to view the calendar selectively (e.g. search for events in a given suburb or set of suburbs).

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