Apr 042014

Thanks to everyone who took part in one of the recent Harvest Month activities.

Local food-related events

New_marquee_with_Stephen_Mercer_and_Shaws_wineNew LFC marquee

Here is a glimpse of the new LFC marquee (with local winemaker and chef) which will be used at the forthcoming Eltham Farmers Market.(April 13, Eltham Town Mall, 9-2pm).

Macleod Veggie Swap date change

For April, the Macleod Swap will be on April 12 to avoid Easter. Still at 11am, with a Thrifty Gardening Workshop on at 12 -1 pm following the workshop. There will be a display of where to obtain free garden supplies and a discussion about everyone’s thrifty hints and ideas.

Minalinka sale of semi-tropical fruit trees, Diamond Creek

April 6 and 13, 9am-4pm. Refer to last LFC News for details.

Local Food Connect’s website

Our very clever webmaster is constantly adding to and improving our website. If you haven’t browsed the various sections lately, I recommend it.

Violet Town organic pears and apples, pick up Murundaka, Heidelberg

Packham pears $5kg, medium to large; Mutsu apples $5kg a big crisp great flavoured green apple bred in Japan; Golden Delicious apples $ 5kg small to medium. Email orders to David Arnold at Murrnong, by 12 midnight on Thursday night, 3rd April. Please mention ‘Murundaka collection’ and include payment confirmation of your direct credit, to BSB 803078 Acc No 140233, DC Arnold.

Soba noodles demonstration

Learn how to prepare fresh homemade soba noodles from scratch using organic buckwheat flour. You will be shown how to cook the soba so that it has ‘koshi’ good texture leftover soba water. $25 for buckwheat noodle, brown rice sushi roll, tenpura, sesami tofu,shiratama rice dumpling. We usually make it with 80% buckwheat 20% wheat flour. If you are gluten free and would like 100% buckwheat flower let us know in advance. At Murundaka Cohousing, on Sunday 13th April. Contact Mikoto for more information.

Other food activities/information


Karen has passed on The Good Chocolate Guide, a list of fair trade certified producers as well as UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. UTZ and Rainforest Alliance do not go as far as fairtrade certified products in working with communities to break the poverty cycle, but still may be worth considering. If you are looking for a very local stockist, especially with Easter coming up, Fair Trade Choc is available through Only Just in Monty.

Local food jobs

Nick Rose from Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance has written this interesting article. It is about the Australian government lagging behind other countries, especially USA and Canada, in supporting the local food economies.

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