Aug 022013

Local food-related events

Welcome to many new subscribers. We hope you find some useful food information in the weekly news. You are welcome to contribute any information that relates to chemical free local food.

Greensborough Food Swap

This is the original swap under the LFC banner and it is now going to an exciting new venue! From August 10, the Greensborough swap will be held at the Diamond Valley library in the community garden there.  A great combination of sowing, growing and swapping!


After all the pruning workshops this past weekend, we should soon have very tidy and prolific fruit trees in the region! Ivanhoe Garden Club are offering one more garden workshop on Sunday August 4. Phone Susan on 9459 2147 for more information.


Did you know that there are many Landcare groups in out region? If any readers belong to a local group, perhaps you could share information about your activities with the LFC community? Especially if it is related to food growing.

Summer seed sowing

Some people at the foodswaps have started to sow seeds for summer, in particular, tomatoes. Great idea, especially if you have a hothouse of some sort. Why not plant a little more than you and your family need, to have a surplus for swapping or sharing at the Home Harvest?

Other food activities/information

Market garden master class
Taranaki Farm are bringing down master gardeners Michael Plane and Joyce Wilkie to run a class August 25-27. More details are here. Let us know if you go!

Allan Savoury, will be conducting classes in Melbourne on holistic management of farm land on August 17, 18.

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