Aug 232012

Please let me know of any food related events around the Diamond Valley region. Thank you to those who have already passed on information.

Local food-related events

Wattle Festival, Hurstbridge,

this Sunday, will have all sorts of food events. Check out the program at Local Food Connect will have a stall outside Going Green Solutions. Do you have an hour to spend talking to people about Food? If so, contact Robyn at Recipe book launched at 2pm in the Hurstbridge Hall.

Food fest at the library in September

Check out the Yarra Plenty Regional Library website for details and bookings. Activities include cooking demonstrations, tastings, progressive dinner, Jane Austen and Regency food and activities for children.

Other food activities/information

More on the National Food Plan submissions, due September 30

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is organizing a People’s Food Plan. Food underpins our lives. It determines our health, our economies, our shops, our landscapes, our culture and our future. It is too important to be left to the big corporations. Tell AFTA what are:

1. The core values and principles you think should underpin our food and farming systems?

2. Your main areas of concern?

3. What you think should be the three most important steps that individuals / communities / governments should take in order to address items 1 & 2?

Email your answers to: OR Talk with us at the LFC stall  at Hurstbridge this Sunday. Download this document for more information about the consultative process around the PFP, and this document for an overview of the plan so far.

Incredible edible at Todmorden, UK

Listen to this inspiring talk by Pam Warhurst at How can we eat our landscapes Can we do this around the Diamond Valley? Keep tuned for a public discussion on this…Those of you who are teachers may also like Growing green in the south Bronx.

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