Dec 042014

Local food-related events

Workshop invitation – ‘shop, store and cook to avoid food waste’ – this Thursday, 4th December featuring MasterChef 2013 winner Emma Dean

There are still a few places left for this workshop. If interested, please register at Eventbrite.

The workshop will be full of easy ways to shop, store and cook to avoid waste, and Emma will demonstrate a few yummy recipes which make use of leftovers.

The workshop will begin at 5.45pm and happen at Murundaka Co-housing, Bamfield Road, Heidelberg Heights.

hurstbridgeThe new Hurstbridge Food Swap is on this weekend

10-11am, Sunday 7 December (note the changed start time).

At the rear of Allwood House, 901 Main Road, Hurstbridge.

No dig garden workshop

Sat 13th Dec, 3-4.30pm in Heidelberg West. Gold coin donation appreciated to help with refreshment costs. Book with Marina or 0438 580889 – she can email you a flyer and give you more info.

The presenters, Sharon Wright and Marina Bistrin, are facilitating the workshop as part of their CERT IV in training and assessment.

LFC online searchable recipe database

All 150 recipes from our book Pick, Share, Eat are now available online in a searchable database at, plus a further 40 from other local authors. Use the sidebar to search by ingredient, author or course.

If you have any good recipes that you would like included, just email the details to us at

Trivia fact of the week: the recipe that is most often viewed on the website is mulberry and apple jam by Helen Vavala from Yarrambat.

More ideas for using food leftovers/scraps

(from Carol Woolcock on how to use lemon rinds)

“1. Finely grate the rinds and store in a container in the freezer. Useful when only a teaspoon or so of grated rind is required and you don’t want to grate a fresh lemon (or you don’t have any).

“2. Allow the lemon halves to thoroughly dry (in the sun or when you have turned the oven off after cooking). These make great fire lighters (and scent the room as well). I also save any lint from the clothes dryer and stuff the halves with this).

“3. Remove the white pith and cut the rind into narrowish strips. Blanche in boiling water for a couple of minutes then drain and place in a sugar syrup over a low heat until semi-transparent. Remove from the syrup and drain on baking paper until dry (may take a couple of days). Can then be used in fruit cakes etc or dipped in melted chocolate for a treat with coffee. A couple of teaspoons of the lemony syrup can also be added to a glass of water (soda, mineral or tap) for a refreshing drink.

“4. Dip the halves in a saucer of bicarb soda and use to clean soap scum from the shower door. Depending on how much scum is present, you will need to re-dip the skin. Rinse off with plain water for sparking glass. Farewell to easy off BAM!”

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