Feb 152013

Local food-related events

Home Harvest Feast March 17. Interested in being involved in the Feast but you’ve got no produce? Why not volunteer? There are plenty of volunteering opportunities for the Home Harvest Feast. If you have an interest in cooking maybe you’d like to spend a few hours in the kitchen on Saturday 16 March with our Home Harvest Feast cook – Duang of Real Food Catering. Or maybe you’d like to channel your creativity into making the venue a visual feast for the eyes! There are also plenty of opportunities to help make sure the Feast runs smoothly on the day. Everyone who volunteers will get a ticket to eat at the Feast.  It’s a great way to get involved in this community event if you don’t have any produce to donate. If you are interested please contact Kirsty Merritt on 9433 3206 or Kirsty.Merritt@nillumbik.vic.gov.au

Do you belong to a community group that meets in March? Why not join the festive spirit and include a food or harvest theme in your meeting?

Other food activities/information

How to really grow food in your backyard

For more than fifteen years,  Asphyxia been growing food.  For most of that time she has had limited success, and have been pretty baffled as to how an ordinary backyard can really produce enough food to feed a family.  The past three years, however, she has made changes.
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