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There are 4(!) articles from The Leader in this week’s news.

Food is Free in Ringwood East

food is freeNaomi Walsh reports that Mary Williamson has started a Food is Free stall in Ringwood East. See their Facebook page and also the article in this week’s Leader. The stall is located outside 19 Patterson Street, Ringwood East halfway to the Lake (after the Federal Road turn-off). People leave surplus fruit, veggies, herbs, seedlings and seeds. Other people can then take them, at no cost. There is no fee, membership, opening hours, or obligation. Donations of garden produce are very welcome, but also small envelopes or ziplock bags, seeds, labels, glass jars for fresh herbs, etc. Everyone is welcome to get involved. Mary tells me that they are also are moving towards helping others in their local community to grow their own food, with various projects in their early stages.

wonga park food swapI’ve started a Food is Free section in the Local Food Directory. Apart from Ringwood East and Warrandyte, does anyone know of any other local Food is Free initiatives?

Wonga Park Food Swap in the news

On the same page in The Leader as the Food is Free article above, there is also an article about the food swaps organised by the Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap, which include the Wonga Park Food Swap.

Melbourne fruit tree map

Have a look at this map of the locations of fruit trees on public land. It has been developed by someone, or some group, calling themselves Public Fruit Melbourne, but I have no idea who they are. It lists more than 500 fruit trees. For example, for my suburb (Eltham), it lists:

  • Loquat: behind a wooden bench in Alistair Knox Park.
  • Olive: next to the pedestrian path, Main Road.
  • Plum: large tree growing on the corner of Eucalyptus Road and Mount Pleasant Road.

Another map of this data, with better search facilities, can be found on the Falling Fruit website. Here the data is combined with some other data, particularly about dumpster diving(!). So, for example: “Aldi Warringal (in Heidelberg): If I’m driving through, I always stop here 🙂 It’s usually full of food, including beer! Unlocked, go any time.

I have managed to extract the fruit tree data for North East Melbourne and create a map on our website. I can edit this map so, if you know of any fruit trees on public land, email me. And if you are super keen, I can give authorisation to edit the data directly yourself.

Want some preserving tomatoes?

Sue Monigatti, from Hurstbridge, has Roma tomatoes available to buy in bulk, picked fresh from her family’s farm in Echuca. $20 for a 16kg poly box of (conventional) sauce tomatoes. The tomatoes will be delivered early to mid-February and Sue will notify you of the actual date once the tomatoes are picked. They will then be available for collection from her home in Hurstbridge. If interested, you need to act quickly as the orders are due by 5th February. Email Sue.

Home Harvest Feast news

Produce drop off times and locations:

  • Banyule:
    • Wednesday, 24 February, 4-7pm, hosted by Mala at 25 May Street, Macleod.
    • Thursday, 25 February, 4-7pm at Murundaka Co-Housing Kitchen, 42 Bamfield Road, Heidelberg Heights.
  • Nillumbik:
    • Thursday, 25 February, midday-7pm at Eltham High (to be manned between Michelle, Duang and Kirsty).
    • Friday, 26 February, 9am-midday at Eltham High (they should be working in the kitchen during this time).

They are looking for volunteers to help either on the day (28th February) or on the day before. If interested, please contact Kirsty Bromfield by email.

Newsletter reader Rachel Bishop and chef Jonathan Warren have each been interviewed by the Leader regarding the feast:

rachel bishop jonathan warren

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

From 4th to 13th March. Whilst most of their events are based in the CBD, some are more local to us. Because they are commercial events, they won’t be in the website calendar, but here is the list of the local events:

  • Regional World’s Longest Lunch, Coldstream, 4th March.
  • Garden Vineyard Table, Dixons Creek, 5th March.
  • The Family Block, Coldstream, 5th March.
  • Finding Our Place, Eltham, 9th March.
  • Farmer Wants a Knife, Coldstream, 11th March.

New events

Seed dating permabee (Surrey Hills)

What: The blitzers at Melissa’s Permablitz on 24th January couldn’t finish everything that was planned for the day. This follow-up permabee is for singles only. Imagine a permablitz mixed with speed dating and you’ve pretty much got what the day will be like. You will get to meet cool permie people. They will get to meet you. You will get to show off your finest gardening attire and you will help finish Melissa’s edible garden spaces and get to know other like-minded people in the process.
When: Sunday, 14th February, 1-5pm.
Where: Surrey Hills.
Cost: free.
Bookings: Permablitz website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Foraging workshop

What: Michelle Yang will teach you about edible weeds, bush foods, ornamental edibles (garden plants with edible parts) and other plant uses, such as fibre for baskets and string. Included will be an exploratory amble along the Yarra River and surrounding parklands. Michelle is a postgraduate qualified horticulturist with a passion for primitive skills. She has further developed her interest in living in connection with nature by studying permaculture, biodynamics, bushcraft and dynamic learning.
When: Sunday, 21st February, 3.30-6.30pm.
Where: Heidelberg.
Cost: free.
Enquiries/Bookings: Katrina Philip by email.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Wicking bed workshop

What: The workshop will give you hands-on experience of building a wicking bed. It will include theory as well as practical experience and tips. It will be led by Paul Gale-Baker, member of Sustainable Macleod.
When: Saturday, 27th February, 9am-5pm.
Where: Macleod.
Cost: $15.
Enquiries: Robin by email.
Bookings: Trybooking.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Edible gardening with a permaculture twist

What: This is an open day to help you turn your backyard into a sustainable productive space. Regardless of how big or how small a space you have, you can grow something from herbs to an edible forest garden and everything in between. With a little know how you can grow food and create your own Garden of Eden at home. Speakers will include Fleur from BookAChook, John Ferris from Edible Forest Gardens, Bec from Bec’s Bees, Fleur from Santosha Permaculture and Karen Sutherland from Edible Eden Design. The information stands will include Pip Permaculture Magazine and Yarra Valley Permaculture.
When: Sunday, 28th February, 9am-5pm.
Where: Wonga Park.
Cost: free.
Enquiries/Bookings: Facebook event.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Heritage apple tasting

What: Join one of the Heritage Fruits Society’s apple tasting evenings at Petty’s Orchard. You will get to sample the seasonal flavours of the heritage apple collection while wandering around the orchard.
When: Sunday, 6th March, 5-7pm.
Where: Templestowe.
Cost: $15.
Enquiries: Ross Pinniger by phone (9458 2603 or 04228 11441).
Bookings: Trybooking.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Summary of upcoming events

Over the next week
Over the next month

Click here for the complete calendar of upcoming events

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