Feb 072014

Local food-related events

Seed saving

Many of you have this wonderful habit of saving seeds from your non-hybrid best veggie plants to prepare for next year’s plantings. Many of us don’t! As part of the March Harvest Month activities, we will be showing the documentary “Our seeds; seeds blong yumi”. Put together by Jude and Michel Fanton of the Seedsavers Network, it addresses the problems of globalised food based on hybrids that require pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. The film shows how individuals and small groups have solved these problems and introduces those who stand at the source of humanity’s diverse food heritage. It is a David and Goliath story where resilience and persuasive logic triumph over seemingly invincible forces that control much of our food. Venue Diamond Valley Library. Time: 6:30pm-8pm. Cost: Free, but please book with info@localfoodconnect.org.au or ring 0416 203067.

Harvest Month

To see other activities for the month, check out the March calendar. There are local producer tastings in different townships, talks and workshops. Why not pick a foodie theme for your local activity group in March, be it Scouts or basketball or Rotary? The Home Harvest Feast is on March 16 and it is still not too late for growers to register.

Diamond Creek Community Expo

Sunday March 2, 4-7pm, Diamond Creek Community Hall. Come along and speak to those on the LFC stand!

Food waste for compost

Several years ago, Linda started collecting coffee grounds and other food waste from a cafe in Diamond Creek. When she left for her country escape(!), a small group continued the process. There is now an opportunity for one or more people to collect on Monday, Thursday or Sunday. This is a great way to build up compost quickly and the worms love the neutral coffee grounds. It also saves so much green waste going to landfill. If you are interested in committing to the activity reply to this email and I shall put you in touch with the group.

Community garden signage

A few worthy responses to last week’s request. What do you think suits?

  • Community harvest in progress
  • Many hands, shared many ways
  • Growing in the community for the community
  • Food for all
  • Help y’self
  • Food for sharing
  • Food from us to you
  • Community food for all
  • Help yourself as needed
  • From our yard to yours
  • Eat local
  • Harvest with the seasons
  • Plate up the community
  • Street eats
  • Grow and share
  • Please pick me (see IET below)

Are there any to add?

Free range chickens

Recently some of us have purchased free range chickens from a farmer at Tallarook. He also sells beef. For more information see the website.

Rainwater tank survey

Many of you use a tank to collect water for your gardens. Did you know that the CSIRO is presently conducting a survey to investigate the physical condition of tanks? The findings will be used to obtain a greater understanding of how tanks provide water savings, what environmental benefits there are and if there are any public health risks. Participating is free and you receive a $20 gift voucher. Participation is confidential. To participate contact via raintanksurvey@csiro.au.

Other food activities/information

Incredible Edible Todmorden

‘Please pick me’ is a case study on how Incredible Edible Todmorden is re-purposing the commons for open source food and agricultural biodiversity by Professor John Paul at Oxford University’s Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Towards zero food waste

Local Melbourne enterprise, The Sustainable Table, is working on the theme of food waste reduction this year. Check out the website for more information.

Sustainable Living Festival Feb 8-24

On Tuesday 11 February, Doing Something Good are hosting Sustainable & Resilient Food: Going Local, with David Holmgren as our keynote speaker. David will be giving a 20 minute presentation (followed by Q&A) about the value and impact of growing the local food economy, highlighting how local food production and consumption helps us move toward a sustainable, resilient and fair food system. The rest of the evening has been designed as a participatory workshop. The objectives are: to find out what perceptions, insights and ideas participants have about ‘going local’, for participants to collaboratively paint a picture of what a thriving local food economy might look like for growers, retailers, restauranteurs, eaters and local government, to learn what participants imagine or experience as enablers or obstacles to ‘going local’, to further document local food initiatives already out there … all very relevant to Local Food Connect!!

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