Jan 222015

Local food-related events

New Community Market stall, Eltham Farmers’ Market

We are still looking for home growers to sell their surplus produce on the new community market stall at the Eltham Farmers’ Markets on 8th February, 8th March and 12th April. If you have too much surplus produce to swap at a food swap but not enough to sell through commercial channels, the stall offers you a great opportunity for selling fruit, vegetables or herbs which might otherwise be wasted. See www.localfoodconnect.org.au/elthamfm/community-market-stall/ for further details. If you are interested, please contact Guy Palmer (guy.palmer1@gmail.com; 0416 203067; 9444 1400).

Veggie patch available

Someone in Lower Plenty no longer maintains their 15 metre by 15 metre veggie patch and is offering its use to others.  In return, they would like their other veggie patch watered when they are on holiday. If interested, please contact Guy Palmer (guy.palmer1@gmail.com; 0416 203067; 9444 1400).

Harvest Month

Over the last few years, we have encouraged community groups to add a harvest theme to their March meetings. We do so again this year and events have begun to be added to the Harvest Month Calendar. If you would like your event advertised, please contact Robyn at info@localfoodconnect.org.au.

Would anyone like to host a viewing of the film Fair Food, a documentary about producers, businesses and communities that recognise Australia’s food system needs help? A collaboration between the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) and food publishers and facilitators The Field Institute, Fair Food documents the people pioneering new approaches to food production and distribution.

BAAG nursery has an Autumn Harvest Festival during the week of March 7-15 with many free activities.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is on 27 Feb to 15 March and has many workshops, talks and eating opportunities for those of you who like to travel into the city.

fitzroyLocal film on urban gardens

See a short film on the use of planter boxes in inner city Melbourne and their interaction with food swaps. Plus the harvesting of some weeds.

Other food activities/information

Agriculture in government

Agriculture is now one of 10 portfolios in the new Victorian Government’s Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources with Minister Jaala Pulford. Are food decisions going to get lost in the maze of bureaucracy?

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