Jul 102019

Ann visits the garden of Erin Goedhart, from Vermont

Ann Stanley has visited the garden of Erin Goedhart, from Vermont. As Ann says in the introduction to her writeup: “Erin and husband Lenny started a veggie garden 10 years ago when they first moved into the house but with work, a household to run and two children to home school, they let it go. There’s a lot of ‘letting it go’ in any gardening journey, I think … So Erin’s current garden is seven years old. The land, including the house, measures about 1,000 square metres and on it grows a lot of food: grapefruits, limes, lemons, plums, peaches, figs, olives, apples and chestnuts as well as numerous berries and a large range of vegetables. There are also several varieties of bee-attracting flowers and a beehive which belongs to Adrian O’Hagan, aka The Bearded Bee.Read the full writeup.

What are the enablers and barriers to community garden participation? 3000acres discuss.

A recent study by a team of researchers at Swinburne University has revealed some interesting data on the why behind community gardening. 23 participants from 6 community gardens across Melbourne were asked questions exploring their motivations for joining the community gardens, and how their participation could be better facilitated given the barriers and enablers to community gardening.

The six themes emerging as enabling participation were: family history, childhood and passion for gardening; productive gardening, sustainability and growing fresh produce; building social and community connections; community and civic action; stress relief; and building identity, pride and purpose.

The barriers to participation included: time commitment; garden governance; and vandalism of the gardens.

Activities such as communal composting were cited as having strengthening effects on community connections, collaboration and enhancing leadership. One participant stated: “I’ve been working with the Council representatives … I came up with a community composting plan for other community gardens and, as a result, I’ve just been appointed to [the Council] urban agricultural consultative committee … Out of my one metre little plot, I couldn’t have anticipated anything like that.

Read more of 3000acres’ issues.

Marina makes charcoal toothpaste

Marina Bistrin has been experimenting with making her own toothpaste. After researching the Internet, her recipe includes activated charcoal (as the abrasive), coconut oil (as a binder), sodium bicarbonate (to absorb toxins), fine sea salt (as an antiseptic) and tea tree oil (also as an antiseptic). Read her experiences and her recipe.

Mac’s tip for July

Some of you are old enough to remember when Mac McVeigh used to write weekly tips for this newsletter. You can still read all his tips on our website. Here’s one of his tips for July: “You might have a few blackened leaves and tips on your plants due to frost burn. As tempting as it may be to prune off the brown and unsightly damaged foliage, it is best to leave it there to protect the lower growth from more frosts yet to come. Wait until after the last frost to remove.

Community gardening news

Luscombe Street

Luscombe Street, in Brunswick, now has its own page on our website. It is a membership-based community garden with a mixture of individual and communal plots. They are currently looking for new members – if you are potentially interested, email Tina Carrazzo to discuss. Welcome Tina and Val!

Kevin Heinze GROW

Kevin Heinze GROW, in Doncaster, are now selling their own branded black polo shirts ($40), black caps ($20) and beige sunhats ($20)!

The Taste of Thomo Food Festival – food growers or makers wanted

The third annual Taste of Thomo Food Festival is taking place on Saturday, 7th September, 10am-2pm, at Thomastown Library. Around 800 people are expected. The organisers (Thomastown Neighbourhood House) are looking for local growers or makers to showcase or sell their products, or to demonstrate or hold a workshop. Download their workshop application form. Download their stall application form.

Want a job?

The Community Grocer is recruiting a part-time Market Manager for a community food project in Heidelberg West. 8 hours each Saturday, with a further 2 hours during the week. $28 per hour. Closing date: 15th July.

A new startup, acre farm & eatery Brickworks in Burwood, is recruiting a full-time Farm Manager to operate and oversee its proposed high production roof-top farm. $70K per year. Closing date: 25th July.

3000acres is looking for people to join their Board in a voluntary capacity. There is a range of skillsets needed including experience in food systems, legal, governance, planning, finance, philanthropy and not-for-profit management. Read the position description and details on how to apply. Contact Morgan Koegel by phone (0402 496217) or email (morgan@3000acres.org) to discuss futher. Closing date: 31st July.

Stalking kale

From Hurstbridge Farmgate: “It’s tempting to throw the tough middle stalk of kale into the compost but with just a smidge of prep they can be transformed into delish green morsels.

  • Sauté thinly sliced stalks. They take about the same time as onions so cook them together.
  • Pickle in a jar of hot pickling liquid and keep in fridge – yum.
  • Blanch and add to risottos, stir fries, curries or soup.
  • Some interesting articles

    The Yarra Valley visitor site has an article entitled make a weekend matter in Manningham discussing a variety of art and food-related activities.

    Newsletter reader Angelo Eliades has written an article about how to prune tree branches.

    A map of all the local Neighbourhood Houses

    Many of the food events in our calendar are organised by local Neighbourhood Houses and I therefore look at many of their websites and Facebook pages each week. But I’ve never done it methodically. That is until now! And a byproduct has been the development of a map of all the local Neighbourhood Houses plus the contact details for each.

    Which link was clicked most times in the last newsletter?

    The article about how to spend a month of Sundays in Nillumbik.

    Joke of the week

    My boyfriend is such a smart ass, he told me that onions are the only food that can make you cry. So I threw a coconut at his face.

    Read more jokes.

    New events – not cooking

    Herbs ancient and modern: Tuesday, 23rd July, 2-3pm; Mooroolbark Library.

    What: Presenter: Jill Bryant. Jill will talk about herbs that have been in use from medieval times to the present day. Samples and cuttings of her many herbs will be on display, along with historical illustrations from the past.
    Cost: free.
    Bookings: their website.

    Beeswax wraps: Thursday, 25th July, 6.30-8.30pm; Canterbury.

    What: Tutor: Emma Grace. You will learn how to make and maintain their own beeswax wraps for keeping food fresh and hygienic without the use of single-use plastics such as cling-wrap. You will make your own ready-to-use beeswax wraps.
    Cost: $75.
    Bookings: just turn up.

    Roadmap for a resilient and sustainable Melbourne foodbowl: Monday, 29th July, 7-8pm; Collingwood Library.

    What: Collingwood Country Women’s Association will be having a special guest speaker, Dr Rachel Carey to talk about the crisis facing our foodbowls and what must be done to protect agricultural land as it comes under increasing pressures. Rachel is one of the authors of a new report entitled Roadmap for a resilient and sustainable Melbourne foodbowl which outlines a vision and roadmap for preserving Melbourne’s foodbowl for current and future generations as a fundamental building block in a healthy, resilient, sustainable and fair food system. This roadmap was developed through a collaborative process involving a wide range of stakeholders. Five key areas of policy action underpin a resilient and sustainable city foodbowl: farmland protection, farm viability, water access, nutrient recycling and sustainable farming.
    Cost: free.
    Bookings: by email (collingwoodCWA@gmail.com).

    Wicking beds: Sunday, 11th August, 1-3pm; Hurstbridge.

    What: Tutor: Ravi from the Greenheart Trust. Learn the basics of creating wicking beds.
    Cost: free.
    Bookings: just turn up.

    Beeswax wrap workshop: Wednesday, 14th August, 6-8pm; Balwyn North.

    What: Learn how to make eco-friendly beeswax wraps. The wraps are made with all-natural ingredients and can be used instead of plastic bags or cling wrap. You will make 4 wraps on the day (2 x small, 1 x medium, 1 x large) and learn how to make more at home. Notes will be provided.
    Cost: $55.
    Bookings: their website.

    Beeswax wraps: Sunday, 18th August, 10am-midday; Park Orchards.

    What: This workshop will show you how easy beeswax wraps are to make for yourself or as gifts. You will need to bring along with you a piece of material 28cm by 28cm. It must be 100% cotton, non-stretch, pre-washed and free from embellishments. All other materials supplied,
    Cost: $45.
    Bookings: their website.

    Espresso coffee making workshop: Wednesday, 28th August, 1-4pm; Coburg.

    What: Gain practical experience in espresso coffee making on their commercial barista machine. Suitable for anyone looking to find work is hospitality.
    Cost: $20.
    Bookings: by phone (9386 7128) or email (admin@rsnh.org.au).

    Beeswax food wraps and candle making workshop: Saturday, 31st August, 2-4pm; Kilsyth.

    What: Tutor: Holly from Holly’s Backyard Bees. You will learn all about beeswax, how honeybees make it, its antibacterial properties, and how we can use it to reduce our footprint on the planet. Each participant will make their own beeswax food wrap to take home along with a 100% pure beeswax candle. Demonstration of various candle making techniques with be demonstrated and discussed.
    Cost: $50.
    Bookings: by phone (9728 3587).

    Taste of Thomo Food Festival: Saturday, 7th September, 10am-2pm; Thomastown Library.

    What: The Taste of Thomo Festival will showcase foods made in Thomastown – free tastings from Bertocchi Smallgoods, That’s Amore Cheese, workshops, demonstrations, children’s activities, market stalls and coffee cart.
    Cost: free.
    Bookings: just turn up.

    Bees wax wraps: Saturday, 7th September, 1-3pm; Hurstbridge.

    What: Tutor: Vicki. Learn how to make a bees wax wrap. Using oil and bees wax on cotton fabric, you will create a product that is hygienic and can be used again and again.
    Cost: $15.
    Bookings: by phone (9718 2717).

    Organic vegetable gardening (two days): Sunday, 8th September and Sunday, 15th September, both 10am-3pm; CERES, Brunswick East.

    What: This is a two day hands-on workshop designed for the beginner veggie gardener. What you will learn: how to get the most from your garden and have an abundance of vegetables, fruits and herbs; insights into seasonal produce growing; and the skills and knowledge to create an abundant and productive garden. Trainer: Donna Livermore.
    Cost: $190.
    Bookings: WeTeachMe.

    New events – cooking

    Camembert and mozzarella cheesemaking: Tuesday, 23rd July, 10am-1pm; Yarra Glen.

    What: Tutor: Narelle Lucas. Expand your cheese making skills by learning how to make camembert and mozzarella, both of which are easy to make in your own home. You will take two cheeses home as well as recipes and your own cheese mould so that you can make many more in the future. A light lunch of pizzas and baked camembert will be provided. Bring two containers to take your cheeses home in and an apron to wear during class.
    Cost: $130.
    Bookings: their website. Enter class/workshop code ‘C’.

    Cake decorating (6 sessions): 6 consecutive Tuesdays, starting 30th July, 7-9.30pm; Mitcham.

    What: Learn how to cover a round or square cake in ganache and fondant, including tips and tricks.
    Cost: $130 + ingredients for all six sessions.
    Bookings: their website.

    Asian-inspired cooking demonstration: Saturday, 10th August, 1-3pm; Chirnside Park.

    What: Learn how to create Asian cuisine from a qualified chef and incorporate these skills into your cooking at home with a take home recipe. You will be able to experience the taste of the oriental flavours and learn how to make savoury pork and shrimp dumplings carefully wrapped and all made from scratch. Learn how to create a traditional pad thai dish.
    Cost: $30.
    Bookings: Try Booking.

    War on kitchen waste with Jesse Alice: Sunday, 11th August, 11am-12.30pm; Kitchen Warehouse, Box Hill South.

    What: Learn to use every part of your produce thoughtfully from root to stem from Leftover Lovers’ Jessie Alice. Jessie will share time-honoured secrets to making savings in the kitchen without compromising taste. Watch and taste as Jessie cooks with produce you never thought could be transformed into delicious, quick, and simple dishes.
    Cost: $5.
    Bookings: their website.

    Cooking for one (5 sessions): 5 sessions starting Friday, 16th August, 1-3pm; Chirnside Park.

    What: This course will teach you about preparing healthy meals on a budget.
    Cost: $50 for all 5 sessions.
    Bookings: their website. Enter ’19EMPBOB Cooking for One’ as the course of interest.

    Sourdough bread making with Nadine Kemp: Saturday, 17th August, 10am-2.30pm; Lower Templestowe.

    What: Learn a simple sourdough technique giving a great and reliable result for the home baker. Learn how to mix and shape your dough and then bake a pre-prepared loaf, giving you the opportunity to taste the result. You will be supplied with a jar of starter, recipes and your dough to bake at home. Bring a clear 4 litre container and an apron.
    Cost: $45.
    Bookings: by phone (9850 3687) or email (office@livelearnajani.org.au).

    Sourdough bread: Saturday, 24th August, 9.30am-12.30pm; Park Orchards.

    What: Nadine will demonstrate the technique of sourdough bread making and baking. Bring a container to take home your dough to bake at home. This class is best suited to those who have some experience with bread making, however it is not essential.
    Cost: $55.
    Bookings: their website.

    Kinesiology food testing – customise your nutrition: Thursday, 29th August, 7-8.30pm; Wonga Park.

    What: Imagine if you could find out once and for all what your perfect diet entails. You could then eat more of the foods that help you thrive and avoid ones that cause inflammation and leave you feeling lethargic. Each one of us has an individual biochemical makeup due to genetics, time in utero and environmental conditioning. So, we all have a unique list of foods that are easy for our body to convert to energy and easy to eliminate. We also have a unique list of foods that our body finds difficult to convert to energy and struggles to eliminate causing us excess toxicity. For this reason, not all foods are created equal and what is a nutrient for you will not be for others. So go along and identify the foods that help you heal vs the foods that hold you back.
    Cost: $20.
    Bookings: Humanitix.

    Men in the kitchen: Monday, 2nd September, 6.30-9pm; Yarra Glen.

    What: Tutor: Jill Bowen Hess. Join Jill as she demonstrates how to cook up some great easy savoury and sweet egg dishes accompanied with seasonal vegetables.
    Cost: $32.
    Bookings: their website. Enter class/workshop code ‘MK’.

    Ladies day in the kitchen: Thursday, 5th September, 9.30am-midday; Yarra Glen.

    What: Tutor: Jill Bowen Hess. Join Jill as she demonstrates some easy to cook savoury and sweet egg dishes matched up with seasonal veggies. Japanese pancakes just might be on the menu too.
    Cost: $32.
    Bookings: their website. Enter class/workshop code ‘CJ’.

    Asian cooking demonstration: Thursday, 5th September, 11.30am-1pm; Bayswater North.

    What: Learn how to make an assortment of Asian finger foods. Qualified chef Oddie will teach you all the tricks and techniques needed to make cooking these dishes easy and fun. The best part is getting to taste the end results!
    Cost: $20.
    Bookings: by phone (9720 0877).

    Seafood paella: Friday, 6th September, 5-7pm; Kitchen Warehouse, Preston.

    What: Learn to develop Spanish paella using traditional ingredients and equipment straight from the experts at this workshop. Get to know the history of Spain’s most iconic dish and its place in Spanish culture while you indulge your senses in its flavours and aroma.
    Cost: $30.
    Bookings: their website.

    Sausage making workshop: Friday, 6th September, 5.30-7pm; Kitchen Warehouse, Box Hill South.

    What: Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian – so many European cuisines have their own take on the humble sausage. Discover the secrets behind making the best-tasting gourmet sausages with the right ingredient ratio, casing and flavour combos.
    Cost: $30.
    Bookings: their website.

    Knockout gnocchi: Saturday, 7th September, 10-11.30am; Kitchen Warehouse, Preston.

    What: Time to broaden your culinary expertise and meet pasta’s famous pillowy brother: gnocchi! They will show you how to make gnocchi at home through simple ingredients. From traditional potato to creamy ricotta and spinach, learn every nook and cranny that makes this classic Italian dish a favourite.
    Cost: $30.
    Bookings: their website.

    Handmade pasta workshop: Saturday, 7th September, midday-1.30pm; Kitchen Warehouse, Preston.

    What: They will show you how to make pasta dough by hand and turn it into a variety of pasta types. They may even throw in sauce-making secrets for good measure.
    Cost: $30.
    Bookings: their website.

    Vegetarian cooking: Tuesday, 10th September, 7-8.30pm; Hawthorn Community House.

    What: Learn new ways with vegetables and create fresh recipes inspired from various cuisines around the globe. At the end of the class, you will sit and enjoy the fruits of your labour in a relaxed friendly environment. The class is designed for people who want to learn more about vegetarian cooking. All dishes will be made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
    Cost: $25.
    Bookings: TryBooking.

    Summary of upcoming events – not cooking

    Over the next week
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    Summary of upcoming events – cooking

    Over the next week
    Over the next month

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