Jul 182012

Are you able to join us on Sunday July 22?

LFC is having a Winter warmer get-together at Hildebrand Grove, 65 Hildebrand Road, Cottlesbridge from 12pm. Come and join us with your local food ideas and dreams! Bring lunch to share and have a wander through the olive grove before gathering to discuss future activities and directions of Local Food Connect. RSVP Ann on 0417 633 217.

Local food events

JULY 22. LFC get-together.  12pm @ 65 Hildebrand Grove, Cottlesbridge.   RSVP Ann a.strutt@belmatic.com.au or 0417 633 217. Tour of olive grove, discussion about LFC projects.

Other food places

Have you visited Local Harvest? This is a great place to advertise your community garden, food swap, food co-op or any other local food activity.

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