Jul 052014

Local food-related events

Banyule and Manningham food businesses

Do you know of a business in Banyule or Manningham Council areas which sells, uses or makes local produce? If so, can you please let us know so we can ask if they would like to go in the Local Food Directory.

Rocket stove workshop

Rocket stoves are highly efficient wood-fired cooking stoves used in developing countries. Workshop is at Murundaka Cohousing, 42 Bamfield Street, Heidleberg Heights, Sunday August 3, 1-4pm. Bookings required. Try here.

Membership of LFC

Joining LFC is as easy as 1,2,3! Go to the membership page and add to cart to buy a membership!

Diamond Creek Planter boxes

Over the last 6 months, there has been collaboration between the Diamond Creek Traders, members of Thrive Community Garden, Local Food Connect, the NICE Fund and Nillumbik Council to install 9 wooden planter boxes in Chute and Inglis Streets, Diamond Creek. On Monday 24th, there was an official launch of these boxes at Deganis Restaurant and ceremonial planting by an enthusiastic group of children. These boxes are set up as wicking crates, and will be cared for by 9 small groups of students from grades 3/4 from Diamond Creek Primary School; each group has a container with gardening gloves, some hand tools, a watering can, and a laminated sheet with a few instructions. There is a wide variety of winter vegetables, herbs, and flowers already planted, according to the siting of each box. Phil Marendaz, President of the Diamond Creek Traders Association, said a few words of thanks to everyone who had been involved in the planning and setting up of the boxes, and mentioned that he is now keen to have similar boxes in Main Street shopping areas.(Written by Jenny)

Other food activities/information

Get farmed

There are 2 or 3 small companies making nourishing breakfast cereals these days. Get Farmed is a small company near Camperdown in the western district working to support Australian farmers. They have developed a breakfast and muesli bar range using Australian ingredients only. As a member of a food co-op, I was interested to read “… almonds are grown near Robinvale in Northern Victoria and in the Riverina District of New South Wales. These almonds are then sorted and packed in Thomastown, Victoria.” and that “the sunflower kernels in … muesli are grown in the Darling Downs, south of Toowoomba in Queensland and are certified organic&”. Unfortunately, the small Camperdown shop that I saw the Get Farmed products in the window of was closed, It was after 1pm on Saturday!!

tamarindUnusual not-local fruit

Recently I attended a 2-day tree workshop with Dan Palmer of VEG. Great workshop, with fabulous food provided by his wife, Amanda. One afternoon there was a bowl of curious looking, brown, peanut shaped, root-like objects. On cracking open the light but crunchy outer skin, we found the fruit of tamarind, tasting like a fruit leather wrapped around a hard centre. Delicious! I believe they came from China, via Footscray market.


Have you heard of a permablitz? It is where a group of people get together, usually in someone’s backyard, and build a garden, or part thereof, following a permaculture design.

Check out the website for details of many upcoming blitz’s and workshops. There is a Brunswick food forest workshop on July 13, for example.

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