Jun 132014

Local food-related events

scarecrowDiamond Valley Library Community Garden

During or after the food swap this Saturday, the new planter boxes in the garden will be planted with edibles. Anyone available is invited to help with this exciting project. On Tuesday June 17 at 11:30am, Lucinda from Growing Green Solutions in Hurstbridge will be talking about sustainable gardening.

Diamond Creek Chute Street planter boxes

These boxes have been planted and are coming along well. There will be an official opening of the project on Monday June 23 at 10am at Deganis.

Fabbro Fields

2 Bell Street Eltham, opposite Eltham High, is officially now known as Fabbro Fields, in honour of the market gardener who worked the land for many years. There is a working bee there this Sunday, June 15, 10am-12pm, to plant many grasses shrubs and trees. The master plan includes potential for establishing a food growing area within the Fields. I think it is just waiting for those with time and energy to develop the project!

Edible flowers

Margy and Mary of “Flower Bird” are looking for growers to supply their business with organic and edible flowers and small berries. If interested, please contact them at flowerbirdflowers@gmail.com.

Olives from Panton Hill

This message may be late, but Lou from Diamond Creek is ordering olives to preserve from an olive grove in Panton Hill this week. He is happy to order for others who send him their email and phone details.

Community Garden project, Lower Plenty

Meeting Tuesday June 17, 7-9pm, at Amberley, 7 Amberley Way, Lower Plenty. See previous news for more details.

Other food activities/information

Fair Food Farmers’ United

Seymour is home to the annual Alternative Farm expo each February and the Food eXchange which I have referred to in recent posts. It is also the place where a group of farmers recently met and formed a group called Fair Food Farmers’ United (FFFU). FFFU is a chapter of Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance of which LFC is a member. The FFFU group is working to connect eaters and growers, while raising awareness of issues of sustainability and ethics in the food system.

The Growing Food Project

A lovely and inspiring local glimpse into our wonderful community food projects, The Growing Food Project is a short documentary exploring Melbourne’s local food movement and community food initiatives, where people are coming together to build local, fair and sustainable food systems. Written and directed by Rasha Tayeh, visit www.growingfoodproject.org to watch this lovely local film.

Climate change affecting plants

Are your plum and peach trees budding up already? Here is a story of changes noted in the Wodonga region and possible problems it can produce.

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