Mar 012013

Celebrate Harvest Month

Take part in one or more harvest activities happening around the north east of Melbourne. This weekend includes various markets, rabbit control workshop (including rabbit on the menu) and foodswaps.

Local food-related events

Food film festival starts next Wednesday March 6 at Edendale Farm, 7:30pm. We are kicking off with “Design for living”, story of the Brookman family farm in South Australia. Everyone welcome. The week after we will be celebrating community gardens around the world. Come and learn about the variety of styles of community gardens. We hope to dispel the myths of community gardens being only a space of individual plots!

LFC Committee meeting, Monday March 4. All members welcome.

Learn how to create a wicking bed at Edendale on Wednesday March 6, 10am-12pm, $20.

Montmorency  and Montmorency South Primary Schools’ kitchen garden programs are running a tomato fundraiser. Roma tomatoes are being sauced(!!) from Echuca, 10 kg box for $17. Orders and payment  in by Thursday March 7. Any enquiries call: Michelle Hegarty 0488383889 or email

Local Wine tasting, The Lightfoot Gallery, 21 Brougham St Eltham, March 3, 11 – 4:40pm. Contact

Petty’s Orchard – Tours and tastings. Dates and times on the calendar.

Bell Street, Eltham  Management plan. Final consultation before the draft plan (due about May) is written by Council, was held at Eltham High on Wednesday evening. There was a wide range of interested parties, including many students from the High School. It looks like multi use of the site is favoured and this hopefully will include some form of food growing.

Other food activities/information

City of Vancouver seeks to make food systems central to every aspect of the city’s business. The City’s new food strategy depicts a high-density urban environment lush with edible landscaping, community vegetable gardens, green walls, rooftop greenhouses, farmers markets and thousands of green jobs based in a burgeoning local food economy. Part of the vision includes –  13 new farmers markets, for a total of 22;  1,300 new community garden plots, for a total of 5,000; Encourage commercial growing in urban spaces and create a business license category for farms;  Encourage edible landscaping and food-bearing trees on boulevards and traffic circles. To read more of this great vision, click here.

The Victorian Government is inviting community groups from across Melbourne to have a conversation about the future planning and development of the city. The outcomes of these conversations will be used to inform the Metropolitan Planning Strategy (MPS), the plan which will guide growth and change across Melbourne over the next 30-40 years. See ( for more information. Does anyone have the energy to run a conversation with LFC?

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