May 202015

Not food, but interesting

arearequiredI usually keep the material in this newsletter strictly to matters food. But this graphic by The Land Art Generator Initiative of the total surface area required to fuel the world with solar power is just too interesting to omit. The article in which the graphic was first shown is equally interesting. It is so refreshing to read analysis rather than polemic. Thanks to the Montmorency Community Group for pointing out this material.

Here is another interesting article by the same people written at roughly the same time (2009), this time on re-forestation and Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Whilst on the subject of analysis versus polemic, some of you may have read in the news about St Andrews being the richest suburb in Victoria and the second richest in Australia. Nonsense, of course. I have been delving into ATO’s tax records: two-thirds of St Andrews’ income in the relevant year (2012/13) was due to someone (presumably one individual) declaring a once-off capital gain of $60 million. Remove that item and St Andrews’ average (mean) income is more than halved, down to the same per-person level as Panton Hill. Ditto if ATO or the journalists had used median income, as they clearly should have, rather than mean income. Actually, more wilfully misleading than polemic.

Montmorency Farmers’ Markets

All references to Montmorency Farmers’ Markets seem to have been removed from InSeason’s website. Can anyone confirm whether this market has ceased or is continuing (if so, presumably under different ownership). Please email me.

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