May 092014

Local food-related events

pumpkin in treeA Diamond Creek pumpkin tree! See if you can spot it (hint: it is easier to see if you click the picture to view a larger image).

Talk and permaculture garden tour

The Eltham Garden POD are visiting Drew and Ange’s on Sunday 18 May 2-4pm. Drew, Ange, and occasionally their teen daughters, have been developing their half-hectare site in Wattle Glen as an integrated plant and animal permaculture system over the past few years.

“Wattle Glen Farmlet” has a relatively large netted orchard, large tanks and new citrus and nut planting in the zone two areas. Two short-legged sheep, Victa and Rover, convert grass to manure. They also keep happy chooks and ducks.

“Our focus now is to use local species plants and green manure to build soil resilience in drought conditions, and to manage the challenge of rats, rabbits and possums dining on our produce …
We’d love to see you to share ideas!”

Let know if you would like to go. Alternatively, phone 0438 398750.

Vegetable seed saving

Learn the basics of saving vegetable seeds – it’s easier than you might think and you can help preserve old fashioned / heirloom seed varieties. Edendale Farm, Saturday, May 10, 2 – 4pm, $25. Bookings on 9433 3711.

Eltham Farmers’ Market

Celebrate Mother’s Day by taking Mum to visit local farmers and producers at the market. Children will be invited to go into a free draw to win a hamper of local food for Mum. Check at the Local Food Connect tent for more information.

Other food activities/information


Here is another chocolate story in time for Mother’s Day!

Another sharing of food site

“Ripe near me”

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