Nov 272014

Local food-related events

Somali gardeners (from Chris Chapple)

“We are excited to be working with members of the local Somali community to build their cultivation skills. There are several members of the community keen to grow vegetables at home and last weekend we were able to inspire them at a couple of local gardens. Thank to Susan Chaplin and Paul Gale-Baker for hosting the visitors and to Robyn Currie and Mary Rankin for helping with the garden tours and transport.”

vegetable stockWaste not, want not – some more tips on using leftovers (from Duang Tengtrirat)

“Making vegetable stock from kitchen scraps: I keep almost all part of veggies that I don’t use in a freezer bag and throw it in the freezer to make stock. There are three key ingredients in stock: onion, celery and carrots. The rest you can be creative about and add anything you like.

“Veggie scraps that I keep include: onion skins (brown onions only as red onions skins are bitter), garlic peels, coriander roots, green onion roots and green tips, celery tops, mushroom stems, spinach roots and silverbeet stems.

“When I have enough in the freezer (2 and more cups), I de-frost them and add water, boil until soft, strain and throw away the solids, keep the broth in the fridge for 2-3 days or freeze the stock for later use. Note: The difference between broth and stock is that broth is spiced and stock is not. I prefer to make stock (no salt and no pepper) so that it is more versatile and add spices like ginger if I am making Asian food, oregano, thyme and sage if making risotto, for example.

“Tip: I don’t use brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts) in making stock because (1) they add a bitter taste and (2) they are too strong and overpower the aroma of the stock.”

Nature Strip planting trial in Banyule

If you are interested in nature strip planting and wish to be part of the trial, you will need to complete and submit a copy of an ‘Expression of Interest’ form to Council. Should you require any further information, or clarification of any aspect of the guidelines or the process, please contact Jeff Parkes on 9490 4410 or

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