Nov 082012

Local food-related events

November 25, 11am -3pm. You are invited to join us for a casual conversation around local food issues and opportunities at Red Box Winery in Kangaroo Ground. A barbeque is booked. Antipasto and cheese plates are available to purchase or bring along your own picnic. We hope that you can join us and share your ideas for local food in 2013. RSVP – Robyn email:

Sawdust or other mulch for paths? The Diamond Valley Library Community garden is about to add 3 small keyhole paths to their garden. Does anyone have any surplus  mulch suitable? One or two chaff bags full would probably do. Offers gratefully received by Robyn at

Beetroot and chocolate mincemeat for Christmas tarts? A yummy variation of the traditional version can be found on this Todmordern site.

I was given a radish today, freshly picked from a friend’s Eltham garden. It looks like a white carrot, not round like those in the feature picture from Milkwood’s blog. It has the hot radish taste, but fibrous chewy texture of a carrot.

Other food activities/information

Eltham Rotary Festival, November 11. Visit the LFC local food hub just beside the lake!

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  1. The “radish” you mentioned is ‘daikon’ a common Asian vegetable. We usually pickle them or put them in a special kind of soup for that special flavour.
    Here is a recipe how to pickle daikon:
    I cut mine into strips similar to carrot sticks, in fact I combine carrots and daikon together.
    Make brine with half cup of rice vinegar, 1 tablesp sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and pour over vegs to cover. Ready to use in 2 hours and the rest can be put in fridge. Sometimes, I add coriander or mint to this for added flavour. It’s so good to accompany sandwiches or freshen up as a side with just about anything.
    (Adjust quantities according to taste.)

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