Oct 122012

Local food-related events

Help is needed for the LFC stall at the Practically Green festival, Oct 21, at Edendale Farm. Come and talk to others about your local and sustainable food passion. If you can help, please email Greg at gregrevell@yahoo.com.au

Other food activities/information

Are you saving any seed at the moment – maybe a brassica? It is Seed freedom fortnight. See www.seedfreedom.in. Navdanya was started 25 years ago to protect our seed diversity and farmer’s rights to save, breed, and exchange seed freely, in the context of the emerging threats of the TRIPS Agreement (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) which opened the door to the introduction of GMOS, patents on seed and the collection of royalties. A Monsanto representative later stated “In drafting these agreements they were the patient, diagnostician, physician all in one”. Corporations defined a problem – and for them the problem was farmers saving seed. They offered a solution, and the solution was the introduction of patents and intellectual property rights on seed, making it illegal for farmers to save their seed. Seed as a common good became a commodity of private seed companies, traded on the open market.

Jenny Millar sent this link – www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/blogs/first-sunday-team-work-down-at-the-apothecary-garden  Does anyone know how to make tinctures?

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