Sep 202013

Local food-related events

Nillumbik Health’s community planter box

Recently a dear friend said to me, of the planned Nillumbik Health street planter box; “what if someone tips something on the plants?”. I think Mike Eggert gives an appropriate response in Urban foraging; uncovering the secret fruits of the city ! Come down to 917 Main Road on Sunday morning, from 10am and listen to people’s views on community gardening and share in the working bee to create the fresh food garden. If you cannot make it on Sunday, please visit the garden at any time, pick a bit, plant a spare veggie seedling or water the garden!

Tomato plants

Don’t forget that local grower Stephen Onians is selling tomato plants from this Saturday at his property in Yarrambat. Details were in last week’s LFC News.

Excess lemons

If you have any lemons to spare please contact Giuliana, parent at Briar Hill Primary school. They will be making lemonade for the school fair in October.


Students in the Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden program at Montmorency Primary School this week enjoyed apples from Apted’s Orchard, Cottlesbridge. What a great low mileage connection!

Coffee grounds

Are you concerned about coffee grounds going to landfill? Why not approach your local cafe and arrange to collect the grounds on a regular basis. Members of Thrive in Diamond Creek are collecting from a couple of cafes. Margot is looking for others to share in collecting grounds from Cruze Lounge, 78 Nepean St Watsonia. If interested, reply to this email and I shall pass it on.

Eltham Farmers’ Market

We are very excited that LFC is very close to launching a Farmers’ Market in Eltham. We have submitted an application to Nillumbik Council seeking to run a twice monthly farmers’ market in Eltham’s Commercial Place. The application goes to council next Tuesday 24th September.

Farmers’ markets have grown rapidly in popularity over recent years as people become more conscious of the importance of choosing healthy local food options and of supporting the farmers that grow their food. We see supporting our local producers as an important part of our mission and an Eltham Farmers’ market will be a great plus for local growers.

After considering many options with council officers, the LFC application seeks to run the market in Commercial Place on two Sundays a month. LFC spokesman Guy Palmer said “This is probably the best site we could have, as it is in the middle of the Eltham town centre making it very accessible for shoppers. It also maximises the benefit to local traders by generating increased clientele on what is normally a quiet day.” We have been overwhelmed by community support for the project. Those offering support include: local MP Steve Herbert; The Eltham Chamber of Commerce; The Nillumbik Tourism Association; The Friends of Nillumbik and local growers such as Lesley Apted & Son who grow apples and pears in Strathewan. Traders adjacent to the market can also see the benefit to their businesses and are keen to see the market commence.

LFC will ensure that produce is as local as possible and encourage Nillumbik growers in particular. As part of our plan, LFC intends to include other community activities that promote interest and appreciation of the importance of local food such as food swaps for home growers.Following a positive council decision on Tuesday, a planning application will be required and the market start date is likely to be in early 2014.

Please contact your local Nillumbik councillor(s) to tell them why it is important they support this project.

Food cooperative in the Eltham Research area

A couple of people have enquired if there are any existing food co-ops in the Eltham Research area. Do you know of one? Or are you interested in joining with a few others to create one?

Other food activities/information

The love and peas revolution

Read about other street planter boxes around the world here: “…replacing geraniums and petunias in public areas with rhubarb, carrots, parsley, strawberries, and raspberries. As a result of all this effort, people not only enjoy eating fresh and locally produced food, but they also experience sustainability and science!”

Polyface Farm

Those of you who are fans of Joel Salatin may like to see these photos of his property and the fun that people were having. Our local equivalent of this style of farming is Taranaki Farm.

World Food Day October 16

Sustainable food systems for security and Nutrition is the theme this year. Nutritionists say “eat a variety of foods”.

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