Sep 202012

Not much on this coming weekend and week!!  Might be a good time to prepare the soil for planting those tomatoes, maybe plant some seed potatoes midweek and herbs at the weekend. Give the pantry cupboard a spring clean, preparing for the next 6 months of harvest.  ;-0.

Enjoy YPRL Food Fest’s progressive dinner next Thursday  those of you who were lucky enough to book in.

Local food-related events

Montmorency Farmers Market,  Montmorency Primary School, Rattray Road. Sep 22, Saturday  morning

Local Food Connect AGM. Sunday Sep 23, Diamond Valley Library, 2pm. After the AGM we will have a discussion about Community Gardens and visit the library’s garden. Everyone is welcome.

Big fun events;  Bushfire Remembrance fundraiser. Sunday Sep 30, 11am -7pm at Hildebrand Ridge Organic Winery, 160 Hildebrand Road, Cottlesbridge.  $10 entry, children free.  Local artists CD available for purchase.

  3 Responses to “LFC News September 20 2012”

  1. Great “local food connections” went on at Edendale on Saturday. I was teaching a workshop in Vegetable seedling propagation whilst the food swap was going on outside the education building. Most of the class were unaware of food swap and were interested to know all about it. We have now made 13 more connections 🙂
    The next food based workshop at Edendale will focus on preparing for summer in the veggie garden. Check the Edendale website for details

  2. You said, “Not much going on this coming weekend!”. I say there was so much going on and thanks to you, we know about them all. The AGM was a good gathering place of good discussions and ideas. Sorry I didn’t stay to get my hands dirty. Look forward to more smaller and targeted task get-togethers. Thank you for keeping us all informed, Robyn. Keep up the good work connecting people.

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