Sep 262014

masterLocal food-related events

Community gardening

Have you visited, planted into or harvested from any of the local community planter boxes or gardens recently? Check our community gardening section for locations. Maybe you have a spare block of land just awaiting some community gardening development? If so, please let us know and we will put you in touch with those who may be able to help develop it as a food growing area.

Home Harvest Feast 2015

In its fourth year, the Home Harvest Feast is a celebration of home grown produce and local food. All growers are invited to celebrate in the harvest and the joys of local food by sharing a delicious community meal created by trained cooks using your home or community-grown produce.

  • Spend the summer growing the produce and in the week leading up to the Feast donate some in return for your tickets.
  • Attend the Feast in March 2015 and enjoy a delicious meal and great day!
Practically Green Festival

LFC is running a stall at the festival. We have a variety of displays and activities planned and if you would like to come along to help out for an hour or two, please contact Ann at

Other food activities/information

UN Farming report

Published in December 2013, the UN Farming report called ‘Wake up before it is too late’ advocates for organic, local and small-scale farming. The benefits are not just for the health of the consumer but will assist climate change as well.

Another interesting article is Dahr Jamail; Open source farming; a renaissance man tackles the food crisis, where Joe Breskin has increased vegetable yields in greenhouses by recycling heat from fans.

Nethercote Community funds its own market gardeners

This is an article about two ladies in NSW who have established a scheme to pay market gardeners to grow vegetables for the region’s farmers’ markets.

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