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Eltham Farmers’ Market video stars competition

The farmer starring in this week’s video is Ken King of Kings of Kangaroo Ground. Click here to watch the video and enter the competition. ken-king
The winner of the third week’s competition (Apted’s Orchards) has now been selected (by random draw). Congratulations, Kelly Aurelio. kelly-aurelio
And here is a photo of the second week’s winner, Heather Wakefield, together with a photo that she took of her winnings. heather-wakefieldheather-wakefield2


Some ideas are good, but others are less so. Some ideas are successful, but others are less so. Some ideas are both good and successful. For example, the boomerang bags at the market: people use them, (usually) appreciate them and (quite often) bring them back. And we also have people who replenish our stocks. Thanks Carol, Felicity and Sue!

Some ideas, whilst equally good, are less successful. The market’s Community Market Stall is an example: whilst everyone agrees that it is a good idea, we have recently had real difficulty finding people who want to sell their surplus produce at it. Now that Spring is coming, this situation will hopefully change. If you are a serious home grower, or you have some established fruit trees, read about the stall, have a think about whether you might have some substantive surpluses, and contact me if you are interested. Everyone who has sold their stuff at the stall thus far has enjoyed it!

Helen Simpson writes about how to grow cucurbits

It is now time to be planting the summer crops: cucumbers, sweetcorn, tomatoes, etc (and to be thanking God that we can soon be eating something other than kale!). Helen’s article for the month of October covers how to grow many of these crops, namely those in the cucurbitaceae (aka gourd) family. As she says in her introduction: “Have you ever had the experience of seeing a small zucchini on your zucchini plant one day, then coming back a few days later and finding something the size of a baseball bat? Or having so many zucchinis that your friends and neighbours look slightly frazzled when they see you coming with another armful to share? Zucchinis belong to the cucurbitaceae family, which consists of a wide variety of plants – the most well known being cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins, rockmelons and watermelons.” For each of these, she then goes on to discuss when to plant, where to plant, different varieties, hand pollination and harvesting. Read the full article.


Mac McVeigh’s tip of the week

Ok, so you’ve now weeded, fertilised and mulched … well done!

If your peaches and nectarines have curly leaf (and you didn’t read my earlier tip on August 3rd!), pull off all the affected leaves and bin them. It’s too late to spray now but, even if you almost defoliate your trees, they should start to grow uninfected leaves as the season progresses.

“It is pretty much spring planting time so look at which of your winter crops are coming to their end and can make room for your summer harvest. For those of you that have already planted tomatoes, well done! For those of you that haven’t, don’t worry as the temperatures aren’t warm enough yet for real growth, but best to start soon. [Editor’s note: would you support a petition to change the aphorism from ‘plant your tomatoes on Cup Day’ to ‘plant your tomatoes on Grand Final Day’?]

“Dirty hands are good hands.”

Another builder of planter boxes, wicking beds and raised garden beds

Paul Morland, aka morLandscapes, from Bellfield. Contact Paul by phone (0413 998900 or 9440 9247) or email.

For the full, updated list, see the local resources page of the website.

A new farmers’ market in Mooroolbark

4th Saturday of every month, 8am-1pm. At Mooroolbark College, 186 Manchester Road. Run by the same people (Regional Farmers’ Markets) as the Bundoora Park, Croydon and Heathmont Farmers’ Markets.

A 10% discount at selected shops

Here is a neat, little scheme: you go into local shop X, quote local business Y, and get a discount of Z. So, you get a discount, shop X gets a sale and business Y gets some publicity. More specifically, the discount is 10%, the business is Blue Pear Pantry, and the participating shops are: Dynamic Vegies, Eltham; Yarra Valley Poultry, Eltham; Webbs Butchery, Research; Mountainview Select Meats, Nunawading; Organic Origins, Warrandyte; and Blue Pear Pantry, North Warrandyte. But each shop only offers the discount on particular days so you will have to go to Blue Pear Pantry’s Facebook page for the latest details.

Time Out Food Awards 2016

Several North East Melbourne places featured in the Time Out Food Awards 2016. Most notably, the Second Home cafe in Eltham won best cafe (i.e. the best cafe in the whole of Melbourne!). Jo Barrett, from Oakridge Winery in Coldstream, won the hot talent award. And three places in Fitzroy won awards (Mukka, Smith & Daughters and Jimmy Grants).

New events

Gardening on a shoestring

What: Maria Ciavarella, an experienced presenter from My Green Garden, will lead this session on seed sowing, which includes a hands-on activity.
When: Tuesday, 4th October, 7.17-9.15pm.
Where: Hurstbridge Community Hub.
Cost: $4.
Enquiries: Cheryl Lowe by phone (0481 362242) or email.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Local food launchpad: pitch night

What: City of Melbourne has partnered with Doing Something Good and Open Food Network to offer the ‘Local Food Launchpad’ program to organisations, individuals and communities interested in improving our food system and growing our local food economy. Go along to this event to hear participants’ ideas for a healthier, sustainable, resilient and socially inclusive food future. These will include social enterprises, mini-documentaries, workshops, campaigns, growing projects and small-scale farming opportunities. Many address key issues facing the most vulnerable, including the long term unemployed, refugees and homeless people.
When: Thursday, 13th October, 6-9pm.
Where: Birrarung Marr, Melbourne.
Cost: free.
Bookings / Further information: Eventbrite.

Macleod big veggie swap plus green & local auction

MOCG - Green Auction - printWhat: Occasionally the Macleod Veggie Swap is transformed into a mega swap, including an auction of green and local products. This is the next such mega swap. So, if you ever go to any of the food swaps, go to this one. The veggie swap will be at 11am, there will be a silent auction from 11-11.30am (for items with a value of less than $50), and a live auction (led by auctioneer, Robert Stringer) starting at 11.45am (for items above $50). The event aims to support Macleod shops and services, bring people to the Macleod shopping strip, and raise money for the Macleod Organic Community Garden. Go and join in the fun, buy some interesting items and support three worthy causes. All items need to be paid for in cash and collected on the day. Items to be auctioned include donations from local shops and businesses and members of Sustainable Macleod. Most items are new and include: 2 cases of beer from Kooinda Boutique Brewery; a 2 week voucher from Salts of the Earth in Rosanna; 2 x $80 vouchers for classes from Bulleen Art and Garden; 2 garden assessments and garden plans from Urban Shepherd; vouchers for gardening and decluttering from our members; plants; crockery; art supplies; a Christmas ham; and vouchers for a number of cafes.
When: Saturday, 15th October, 11am-1pm.
Where: Macleod.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Robin by email.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Edible weeds walk

What: What if many of the weeds in our garden were just as edible as the vegetables we tend beside them? What if some of these these free, all-too-easy-to-grow uninvited guests were so nutritionally dense that they are just about the healthiest things you could possibly eat? What if many of them also had medical traditions dating back centuries? Well it’s all true! And if you know what to choose, they also taste great. Join Adam Grubb, co-author of The Weed Forager’s Handbook, for a fascinating walk on the wild side.
When: Sunday, 16th October, 11am-1pm.
Where: Merri Creek, Brunswick East.
Cost: $25.
Bookings: Very Edible Gardens website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Bellfield Community Garden open day

bellfieldWhat: They are having an Open Day so that you can see their mosaics, mural, kids play area and enjoy this space reclaimed by the local community. It is on the same day that Ivanhoe Garden Club are having their FESTA (plants, seedlings, children’s activities, Devonshire teas and sausage sizzle).
When: Sunday, 23rd October, midday-4pm.
Where: Bellfield Community Garden.
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Paul Morland by phone (9440 9247) or email.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Wild food foraging workshop

What: Forage, prepare, cook and eat from nature’s abundance! Discover the wild urban parklands along Maribyrnong River and learn to identify a variety of edible plants, get to know their characteristics and culinary uses. You will learn to harvest wild edible plants safely and appropriately (with respect for the land around us). You will find nutritious wild plants and use them to create a unique wholesome spring menu. You will also learn to make traditional Italian ricotta gnudi featuring nettles; herb burnt butter sauce, wild greens spring salad and enjoy refreshing herbal infused drinks. Includes gluten-free options. Limited to 10 people.
When: Saturday, 29th October, 9.30am-3.30pm.
Where: Maribyrnong.
Cost: $90.
Enquiries: Gemma Macri by phone (0431 233420) or email.
Bookings: Trybooking.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Garden tour and workshop – setting up a community garden

What: The hour-long session is a combination of 30-minute guided tour and 30-minute interactive workshop. You will see one of the first community gardens established in Australia (1977). The Nunawading Community Garden provides a space for the local community to grow food in a friendly environment and promote long-term sustainable living by sharing knowledge and skills. You will learn about: why and how to set up a community garden; what to include in a community garden; and how to overcome some of the challenges.
When: Saturday, 5th November, 11am-midday.
Where: Nunawading Community Garden.
Cost: $20.
Enquiries: Sustainable Gardening Australia by phone (8850 3050) or email.

Garden tour and workshop – compost making

What: The hour-long session is a combination of 30-minute guided tour and 30-minute interactive workshop. You will see one of the first community gardens established in Australia (1977). The Nunawading Community Garden provides a space for the local community to grow food in a friendly environment and promote long-term sustainable living by sharing knowledge and skills. The garden practices organic gardening and encourages turning green waste to organic fertiliser that feeds your garden soil with nutrients and microorganisms that will improve plant growth. You will learn about: different ways that gardeners make compost; using compost to improve soil conditions; and the ‘hot composting’ process in short timeframes.
When: Saturday, 5th November, 2-3pm.
Where: Nunawading Community Garden.
Cost: $20.
Enquiries: Sustainable Gardening Australia by phone (8850 3050) or email.
Bookings / Further information: Weteachme.

Italian cooking workshop

What: Discover the authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine, using the freshest ingredients. A tasty three-course menu (antipasto with a difference; salmon lasagne; roasted chicken alla siciliano (deboned and filled) with contour of vegetables; and festive panettone with ice cream and meringue) will be prepared and enjoyed for lunch afterwards.
When: Saturday, 19th November, 10am-1pm.
Where: Living & Learning Nillumbik at Panton Hill.
Cost: $72.
Enquiries: Living & Learning Nillumbik by phone (9433 3744) or email.
Bookings: Living & Learning website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Urban Agriculture Forum (two day)

What: Join them in bringing together practitioners and policy-makers from across the urban and peri-urban food landscape to build a shared understanding of what urban agriculture is, and the benefits and opportunities that it can offer in the Australian context. Jointly organised by Sustain, 3000 acres, Cultivating Community, Moreland Food Gardens Network, Port Phillip EcoCentre, the University of Melbourne and the City of Yarra.
When: Sunday, 20th November and Monday, 21st November, both 8.30am-4.30pm.
Where: Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne.
Cost: $100-280 (depending on who you are).
Enquiries: Nick Rose by phone (0414 497819) or email.
Bookings: Trybooking.

Preserving with Marie

What: Learn all about preserving lemons and how to prepare berry jam in this workshop with Marie Vasallo from Rie’s Kitchen.
When: Tuesday, 22nd November, 11.30am-12.30pm.
Where: Diamond Valley Library .
Cost: free.
Enquiries: Dione Fisher by phone (9434 3809) or email.
Bookings: just turn up.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Cultural tea tasting

What: Journey through the world of tea with Sarah Cowell from Teasense. Listen to stories from the tea fields as Sarah brews teas from around the world and talks about their origins.
When: Thursday, 24th November, 6.30-7.30pm.
Where: Doncaster Library .
Cost: free.
Bookings: Doncaster Library website.
Further information: LFC calendar entry.

Summary of upcoming events

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