The Edible Forest, a 1 acre food forest in Dixons Creek, has featured on Gardening Australia. (posted June 21 2023)

Melbourne-based fruiterer Thanh Truong’s videos are always worth watching. This video is about how to choose and cut pomegranate (posted May 24 2023)

The Veggie Empire have featured on Gardening Australia. (posted May 10 2023)

Jane Edmanson recently visited the garden of Chloe Thomson in Hurstbridge. Watch this 8 minute video from Gardening Australia. (posted March 1 2023)

Two short videos about how Banyule Council’s environmental grants have helped St Johns Riverside Community Garden in Heidelberg and Macleod Organic Community Garden. (posted November 23 2022)

The Kosgangsters are a local food co-operative in South Africa. (posted June 29 2022)

This video from Reimagine Banyule is about about some local community initiatives for treading more lightly in Banyule. (posted May 11 2022)

Watch these short animated ‘cooking with wool’ videos by someone called Andrea Love (posted April 6 2022)

This 4 minute video by Thanh Truong (aka the Fruit Nerd) discusses many of the major Asian greens, including bok choy and pak choy, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), choy sum, water spinach (kang kong), gai choy (small mustard green), wombok (Chinese cabbage) and Chinese chives. (posted March 23 2022)

Some videos by Banyule Council on local food organisations (posted February 2 2022)

Watch this 30 minute video about the early 20th Century history of the Chinese market gardens in Northcote, Coburg and Heidelberg.

This is a short (1 minute) animated Peter Rabbit film from the United Nations. The UN, like Peter, apparently thinks that people should: eat more fruits and vegetables; buy local and seasonal food; grow food at home; and waste less food. (posted August 18 2021)

Karen Sutherland, who specialises in growing native bush tucker, has produced a series of videos about harvesting and pruning various bush foods. (posted April 7 2021)

Chloe Thomson provides her tips for getting your children excited about growing their own veggies. (posted March 10 2021)

Drew Barr explains the role of decomposers in breaking down and returning nutrients to the soil. (posted July 22 2020)

This video is called The cake server. It is a video of “a Rube Goldberg machine to streamline dinnertime. It lets people keep eating, with no break before cake. Read Wikipedia’s page on Rube Goldberg machines. The person who produced this machine and video, Joseph Herscher, has made around 100 of these videos. Look at his YouTube playlist. (posted April 8 2020)

Some videos by Katrina Forstner on native bees (posted April 8 2020)

Formidable Vegetable are producing a series of videos entitled ‘grow-vid-19’ permaculture pandemic. The first two videos are about a) how to grow food and b) edible weeds. (posted March 25 2020)

Good Life Permaculture are producing a series of weekly videos entitled crisis gardening. The first video is about growing fresh food fast. (posted March 25 2020)

Pip magazine are producing a series of weekly videos entitled simple skills for self-sufficiency. The first video is about an introduction to the series. (posted March 25 2020)

Cultivating Community celebrated their 20th birthday in 2018 and have just released a 5 minute video which shares some of their stories. Watch the video. Cultivating Community, who describe their mission as “to work with diverse and low-income communities to create fair, secure and resilient food systems“, mainly operate around Melbourne CBD and are based in Richmond. (posted March 18 2020)

Market gardener Melissa Charlick. As newsletter reader Sim from Spoke & Spade: “Mel is a legend in Australian market gardening and someone who continues to inspire me“. (posted February 19 2020)

Merri Merri Kids Club. Last week’s Gardening Australia included a video about the Merri Merri Kids Club at Joe’s Market Garden in Coburg. This club is managed by newsletter reader Sofia Sabbagh and operates during school terms. Next term’s sessions are on 10 consecutive Tuesdays, from 21st April to 23rd June, each 4-5.30pm, at Joe’s Market Garden, Coburg. Sofia also has a rather interesting website where, amongst other things, she sells ‘food garden + foraging calendars on Wurundjeri Country’ that she designs herself. (posted February 19 2020)

The Community Grocer (posted November 27 2019)

Some videos re-purposing food (posted August 28 2019)

Re-planting vegetable scraps??????????????????????Preserving???????

Chloe Thomson on how to plant bare rooted fruit trees (posted July 31 2019)

Some local videos about food and sustainability (posted June 12 2019)

Terra Madre????????????The Northcote Bakeshop????????????Moon Rabbit cafe

Interviews of local gardeners by 3000 acres (posted March 27 2019)
                    Guy Palmer, from Eltham                                 Kat Lavers, from Northcote                               Katrina Forstner, from Preston

Yes, that first one is me! This is how they introduce the video: “Nestled amongst gumtrees, Guy’s edible garden has a no-kill policy, making for a very happy insect population! Guy leaves it up to nature, believing that he will get his fair share of food. His biophilic approach creates harmony in his garden, an experimental space where he grows a huge variety of fruits and vegetables.

Gross Science on fig wasps (posted January 16 2019)

Stuart Rodda on coffee composting as shown on Gardening Australia (posted August 15 2018)

Also, see Gardening Australia’s factsheet on coffee compost.

Growing broccoli and kale (by newsletter reader Nicole Griffiths) (posted July 11 2018)

How chickens get oxygen whilst they are inside the eggs (posted May 23 2018)

Some films about food:

  • Good Things Await. Atika Rea says: “I saw this really nice Danish film at film festival a couple of years ago. It gently leads you through a farmer’s life and his husbandship of land and animals. It warmed the cockles of my heart!”
  • Gardening With Soul. (posted February 14 2018)

Pam Warhurst, from Incredible Edible Todmorden (posted August 30 2017)

Some coffee dog art. (posted May 31 2017)

Some people say that the seed of an avocado is the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit – see this video. But googling suggests that it is not yet clear that avocado seeds are actually suitable as human food. (posted May 3 and May 10 2017)

How to make free seed packets (no scissors or glue needed). Thanks to Cath Lyons for pointing it out; as she said “really cool – so simple!Click here for a (printable) template that you can use. The bloke who made this video has actually made a whole bunch of interesting videos about growing food. Click here for his Youtube page. (posted March 22 2017)

Thanks to Marina Bistrin for introducing me (and now, you) to the previously hidden world of pizza tossing by sharing this amazing video on Facebook. Someone called Tony Gemignani has apparently been ‘World Champion Pizza Acrobat’ a record 8 times. As well as pizza tossing tricks, his videos range from pizza tossing tutorials to hour long lectures about different types of pizza. (posted February 1 2017)

George the Farmer’s stated aim is to teach 0-8 year-old children in Australia about how food is produced. Watch their first video (which is about potatoes) or – better still – get your children to watch it. (posted January 4 2017)

DirtGirl and Costa the Garden Gnome don’t appear to have a clear aim(!). But here is one of their better posts (on the subject of gutter gardens) and here is their YouTube channel. (posted January 4 2017)

Here is the YouTube channel of the person who arguably started the recent trend of singing about vegetables, Charlie Mgee. (posted January 4 2017)

Mary Clear, from Incredible Edible Todmorden (posted May 11 2016)

Pie Face (posted May 11 2016)

Local film on the use of planter boxes in inner city Melbourne and their interaction with food swaps. Plus the harvesting of some weeds. (posted January 22 2015)

Glyphosate in our food chain and links to diseases: This is a fascinating film, lots of biology, but worth listening to if you have an hour. (posted November 7 2013)

A farm share story from Kyogle, Queensland. (posted October 25 2012)

Seed planting tips: This is a handy little video from the Little Vegie Patch on planting seeds. (posted October 17 2013)

Tecoma Flashmob at McDonald’s: This You Tube video is well worth seeing and supporting. Magnificent singing! (posted September 5 2013)

Food forests: If you are interested in Food Forests, you may like to view this 10 minute film titled ’30 year old food forest’ in Queensland. The local permaculture blog may also be of interest. (posted August 15 2013)

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