Watsonia Neighbourhood House

Watsonia Neighbourhood House
Watsonia Neighbourhood House
Contact name:
Lucie Holden
9434 6717
47 Lambourne Road, Watsonia, 3087
Notes (in their own words):

Watsonia Neighbourhood House gives away fruit, vegetables and bread. You simply walk in and take whatever you want. Bring your own bag.

The bread comes from Bakers Delight in St Helena. It is collected every Wednesday evening and made available on Thursday (and Friday, if there is any left). Some of the bread is also sent to Reservoir Neighbourhood House for them to give away.

The fruit and vegetables come from Monty Fresh in Montmorency. The timing is unpredictable so availability is advertised on Watsonia Neighbourhood House’s Facebook page.

The neighbourhood house is also a drop off point for Diamond Valley Food Share, a voluntary organisation which ensures that emergency food parcels are available to needy people in the municipality of Banyule. Donations of food are collected each week.

Finally, the neighbourhood house holds sustainable living and gardening workshops on the second Wednesday of each month, 7pm-9pm where someone presents on such topics as as zero waste, worm farms, keeping backyard chickens, natural soil management, responsible weed control, composting and sustainable garden design.

  • Watsonia Neighbourhood House
  • Watsonia Neighbourhood House
  • Watsonia Neighbourhood House