Kylie’s Slow Dough

Kylie’s Slow Dough
Organic artisan bread
Local outlets:
Own shop
Carlton North
Contact name:
Kylie Moppert
9730 1101 or 0410 446003
649 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, 3054
Notes (in their own words):

For Kylie, making bread is about lifestyle. Bringing quality ingredients to life with wild yeast culture, time and love, is a magical and immensely satisfying process. Shaping into loaves, setting to rise then baking where it springs to a golden nutritious food brings her great pleasure. Then selling the product: watching people’s eyes light up at the sight and smell of home baked bread. Handing over the bread and knowing it will be eaten with pleasure, alone or shared with friends and family, bread is the stuff of life.

  • Kylie’s Slow Dough
  • Kylie’s Slow Dough
  • Kylie’s Slow Dough