Finbar Neighbourhood Garden

Finbar Neighbourhood Garden
Finbar Neighbourhood Garden
Contact name:
Kath Jones
143 Kent Street, Richmond, 3121
Notes (in their own words):

This garden is open to the public.

The garden comprises 10 large garden beds, a compost exchange scheme, and a seed library.

The main purpose of the garden beds is to grow food to give away. Once harvested, the vegetables are put onto ‘food is free’ shelves which the public can access. People can also donate vegetables for these shelves.

The purpose of the compost exchange scheme is to turn kitchen scraps into usable compost. People drop off a bucket of kitchen scraps and take away an empty bucket to fill again. They can also take away compost – anyone can order up to three buckets of compost at a time by phone (9428 7668) or email.

The aim of the seed library is to encourage people to grow food at home. People are welcome to take, share or donate seeds.

Someone is in the garden every Monday from midday to 1.30pm – feel free to drop in for a chat, seek gardening advice, pick up some compost juice, or pick up some worms. There are also regular workshops.

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